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Katharine McPhee's sexy gams were made for running around NYC

While Letterman was able to rattle Katharine McPhee by suggesting that she might have had nude images of her leaked on the internet (McPhee's response, "You kind of scared me for a second! Did this just happen in the past 10 minutes!?" leaves me feeling guilty that I hope they exist and that her privacy will be violated...), the singer/actress seems as if she's a pro at handling the...

Jane Levy is adorable on Monster Trucks set

Her show "Suburgatory," met its cancellation this year after being on ABC for 3 seasons but that doesn't mean that Jane Levy has stopped being a hot young Hollywood commodity. Levy was busying filming her next movie, MONSTER TRUCKS, in Chilliwack, what must be the coolest named Canadian city around. It's as if the town's name is apologizing in advance for any f*cked up behavior. "Chill, I...

Jennifer Lawrence is a hooded hottie on the set of Mockingjay

It's going to take forever for the HUNGER GAMES flicks to be done with, even if they are currently filming the second part of MOCKINGJAY in Paris right now. As someone who's read the books I can tell you that there's not enough material to turn the third installment into 2 movies (there's honestly just enough for one ) but as these YA novels turned film franchises are, that last cash grab is...

I can't defy Julie Benz's happy wave of loveliness

I never really understood why they decided to change the SciFi channel to the SyFy channel, but then again, I don't watch much of what airs on that network, so I don't have any huge complaints. With the new series they will be airing soon, something called "Defiance," about aliens looking to make a treaty to stay on Earth since their previous planet was destroyed, getting the no-aliens of any...

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