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Jennifer Lawrence takes attention from the bride at her friends wedding

Do you ever wonder what being best buds with someone as famous as Jennifer Lawrence is like? - the benefits, the pitfalls? Yeah, me neither... that is until I began inspecting these pics of the renowned hottie attending her best friends wedding. I couldn't help but wonder if it proved difficult for the blushing bride to share so much of the attention on this, her special day. At...
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In the ultimate burn, Kelso knocks up Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher is far more successful in life than that dude should have ever been allowed to become. Aside from a couple of movies where I found him tolerable, I can't think of a time when his supposed talent should have created the career that he's been afforded. Hell, I can't think of a story that went out about him in the media that caused me to believe that he's anything...
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Keira Knightley is looking seriously hot at the SeriousFun London Gala

Oh, yeah! Keira Knightley exists! Don't kill me for almost forgetting, though, everybody. It's just that it's been so damn long since I've seen her that when I saw these pictures, I actually gasped and said, "Oh, yeah." Maybe it's because Alzheimer's runs in my family… What was I doing, again? Anyway, here's the English beauty looking adorable as hell at the SeriousFun London Gala....
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Olivia Wilde is a beautiful bride and a beautiful everything else

These Avon ads for some kind of wedding-themed perfume or something are a good reason for any man to take the plunge into matrimony. I'm of the opinion that getting hitched is not the best of ideas, but even I have to admit that if it's Olivia Wilde decked out in white, you go right ahead and put that ring on your finger and you don't look back. Once you're in that position, there really is...
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Miranda Kerr could make any man the proudest groom ever

Miranda Kerr's latest Victoria's Secret spread is for their Bride line of provocative wedding day/night garments, to make that special day just a little more special. Wedding days are stressful enough on a guy, but I have to think that the situation is a little easier to accept when you've got a hottie like Miranda walking down the aisle, if for no other reason than the anticipation of...
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