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TGIFs: Yoga Pants Edition! (Exclusive)

Recently, I was a deep conversation with a couple females about the benefits of wearing yoga pants. (Yes, believe it or not, I know some actual women who aren't puppets made out of paper bags). My question was mainly, "why do some girls wear yoga pants wherever they go, regardless of whether they're practicing yoga or not?" The main answers I got were basically "comfort" followed by...
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Flashback Friday: We've Had Some Fast Times With Jennifer Jason Leigh

The other night I was watching FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH again, which I haven't seen in a long time. Like most folks, it's Phoebe Cates and her beloved topless bikini scene that came to mind when I started watching it. That's a great scene, no doubt. The thing a lot of people overlook is that Phoebe is only in a handful of scenes in that movie, essentially playing a slutty Jiminy...
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Face Off: Catherine Zeta-Jones vs. Mary-Louise Parker

Once again you folks couldn't seem to select a definitive winner, producing an even split between Katrina Bowden and Kaley Cuoco in last week's Face Off . Are you guys planning this stuff? Actually, that's understandable. There's more alike about these two than there are differences. If Katrina was a little more successful as an actress, I'd have tied it up as well. PLEASE...
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Battle of the Babes #250: Emmy Rossum vs Morena Baccarin vs Mary Louise Parker

I tried my best to give you the best variety of babes from the Starz network original programming and while there was equal appreciation for Lawless and Robertson, it seems that Olga Kurylenko is the babe from Starz you'd rather sparkle with. Now it's time to have a gander at the women of Showtime. Emmy Rossum I have come to understand that Moreno is a huge fan of...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Jocelyn Cruz & Jaclyn Becker

How do you guys feel about Showtime's hit comedy/drama "Weeds?" I'm a fan but have yet to catch up over the past couple seasons. I didn't even know the show had it's finale! I'll have to tap that shite soon. All you have to do is tap this Hottie Clip of the Day from Season 8 of the series where a couple smoking hotties in Jocelyn Cruz and Jaclyn Becker model a new product for Kevin...
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