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Jessica Simpson is pretty much officially super hot again

Who knows if it's because of the New Year or if there's another project she's looking to do, but hot damn if she isn't looking spectacular. It's always awesome to see people lose weight and get all sorts of healthy, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to see Jessica Simpson looking super hot again. There was another story ran yesterday exposing said hotness and with another...

Olivia Wilde fans, get ready to hate Jason Sudeikis even more than you already do

I used to think Jason Sudeikis was a pretty likable guy. That was before he started talking about the kind of shit he recently offered up to Elle magazine concerning his relationship with is fiance Olivia Wilde : The truth is, I’m not getting up an hour earlier and walking on a treadmill. I have the greatest workout partner in the world. And you don’t need a gym membership...

Amanda Seyfried wanted to pose nude for Allure magazine because she's in love with her boobs

Not only did Amanda Seyfried go on record when she was visiting David Letterman detailing this fact: "I have to go on record saying I've never done a live television after, um, noon without some kind of liquid courage," it also appears that the former Lilly Kane (here's to hoping that our Kickstarter dollars get Mandy into at least one flashback scene) would've liked to contribute a...

Hilary Duff starts to get back in shape

It's been awhile since Hilary Duff had her kid and started out on the long road back from all the weight she gained during that time. Only now has she finally begun to resemble her pre-pregnancy self, thanks to workout regimens like these. Wow, too bad we all can't have a muscular hottie bending and contorting us into crazy shapes as a means of weight loss. Though this sort of...

Hot or Not: Jennifer Nicole Lee

Salacious Crumb has a near crippling addiction to this week's choice of Hot or Not and I'm here to see if he's the only one of if any of you suffer from the magnetism of this woman, her body and her frequently staged moments out and about in the world. A lot of people hate on Kim Kardashian for being famous for "nothing," I'm trying to see if that feeling is specifically related to Kim...

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