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At least two dudes would like to Eiffel Tower Jessica Simpson

My extreme and excessive weight is something that I just accepted a long time ago. Having a beautiful model-like body with chiseled abs and peeks is something that's never gonna happen and as awesome as a crowd of women screaming in pleasure as I flex and say, "Oh, yeah. The market is THAT way." while flexing my biceps, I gave up that dream years ago. I suppose that's why I'm so proud of...
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Christina Aguilera returns to the AMA's looking sexy as ever

Good for you Christina. Good for you.  About a year ago, Christina made her way to the American Music Award nominations looking a little, well, different. The sex-kitten we all knew and love got a little bit hungry and the results were... pretty surprising . Now, I'm not one to hate on fat girls. I'm a big guy and if people want to live that lifestyle, f*cking go for it, you...
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