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Bella Hadid selects her sexy wardrobe on a shoestring budget

I had a cousin from the redneck side of town as a kid who wore pants not unlike Bella Hadid was wearing for this dinner thing she attended this weekend. He had to contend with hand-me-down clothes already worn out by his older brothers, so it wasn't uncommon to see him with safety pins holding together his baggy, threadbare pants. He wore those as matter of necessity. It was either that or...
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Charlotte McKinney's cleavage defies gravity at GQ's Men of the Year party

So, um... I'm a female and I have boobs and even I don't know what's going on here under Charlotte McKinney's low-cut dress. Clearly, she was incapable of wearing a traditional bra with this ensemble but we've also seen those famous assets of hers a million times as she frequented the beaches of Southern California and gravity usually has a severe impact on them. I figured there might...
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Bella Hadid puts nipple to Paper magazine, looks like sister Gigi in blonde

It looks like it's the year of Bella Hadid published nudity. Earlier this year we got a chance to check out Bella's free-spirited nature when it comes to showing off her perfect physique in its nude form for GQ magazine and she's since done so many sheer and see-through appearances from Paris Fashion Week to attending other model's birthday parties that we just can't keep up. Now, for her...
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BOTB Thanksgiving: Colette vs Mrs Lovett vs Swedish Chef

Inevitably, people will misunderstand this week's Battle of the Babes. For the past 8 years I've been posting this column on Thursdays and for each of those Thanksgiving Thursdays, I've had a battle of the dudes, beginning with 3 of the men from when the first Abrams STAR TREK hadn't yet hit screens. But this year, since shit seems to have slid sideways for a lot of people in 2016, I...
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Heidi Klum became Heidi Cloned at her famous Halloween bash this year

I call shenanigans. Everyone looks forward to seeing what Heidi Klum will pull out of her bag of tricks at the next Halloween party about 10 seconds after seeing what she's done during the current year but let's get real here - she didn't even dress up this year! For the 10th Annual Halloween bash, Klum didn't go the prosthetic route herself this time (last year she was the insanely out of...
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Anna Kendrick showed off a lot of leg & personality for Extra

There's probably nothing more adorable than when Anna Kendrick , a high profile actress with a bank account that would make your mother blush, makes faces like any other normal human being while waiting on everyone else to get their shit in order. While making an appearance on Extra , Kendrick was spotted adjusting her undies (or more like, Spanx, since even the skinny girls are encouraged...
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Emma Stone's Vogue spread is all over the place

Emma Stone's new Vogue spread has to be one of the more eccentric magazine spreads I've seen in some time. The star of LA LA LAND really goes to some odd places in this one. It starts out making her into some kind of oddly hot tomboy. It then proceeds to show her moving back and forth in time, often in various ensembles no doubt inspired by her throwback musical, finally ending with her...
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Amber Rose's sluttiness puts all the other sluts to shame

Don't get nervous haters, this isn't the start of a new trend in Amber Rose posts. I know a lot of you like to group her in with the Kardashian types and thus have your tantrums when she shows up here. And maybe there is some correlation there. However, there are also plenty of other ways Amber defies this association. Take her SlutWalk movement, which sounds like something insulting and...
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What does a long-haired Amber Rose do for you?

I can probably come up with a number of reasons why people choose not to like Amber Rose . Maybe you don't like how she came to prominence, namely by being arm candy and/or baby mama to a succession of the more annoying rappers performing today. Some might raise ire against her frequently publicized relationship issues with said rappers, or have issue with her "in your face" fashion sense. I...
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Gigi Hadid taxied her nipples around the fashion show runway

There are few things more decadently ridiculous than these runway shows for the big fashion events. As far as I can tell, these things amount to little more than fashion designers showing off clothes no one in the real world will ever wear. Sometimes they don't even design anything. I saw a clip from some other fashion week runway show of a model going down the runway wearing not a damn thing....
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Italian models Giulia Salemi & Dayane Mello brought the crotch shots to VIFF

Every year at the various European film festivals we get someone who uses the glitz and glamor to show off in some sort of gratuitous way, usually in a manner that's so over the top it's almost comical. This year's Venice International Film Festival had two such hotties in attendance who took the form of Italian models Dayane Mello and Giulia Salemi , both of whom were using the red carpet...
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Emma Stone brings the booty again, but has some trouble picking a hair color

We all know about the unexpected, if not delightful change in perspective that's taken place with Emma Stone lately. Time was it was all about her sweet face and auburn locks. Now, dat ass of hers is what people seem to be most inspired by. I too have grown quite fond of Emma's derriere, but I'm a little concerned about what's going on with her face and hair. It would appear she is...
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