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Hottie Clip of the Day: Brooke Shields

Can you guys believe Brooke Shields has never been featured as the Hottie Clip of the Day? I know, I know. It's a travesty! Where has my mind been?! In the gutter apparently because for today's Clip not only do we get Shields but we get her nipples too! From the classic 1983 romp SAHARA we get to watch as Shields decides to shower under a waterfall wearing nothing but a white...

Adriana Lima is blurry and braless in Cancun

I'd like to buy the world a bottle of Adriana Lima and not the diet version either. The sexy supermodel and mom of two was busy at work running around in the waves in Cancun, getting her picture taken wearing a very wet Coke t-shirt with nothing underneath. Sadly, the images are very blurry, taken most likely from a far distance by some eager and intrusive paparazzi. Being that she's a...

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