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Hottie Report Card: Amanda Seyfried

Boy, I tell ya' what. I was expecting there to be some backlash in regards to my "generous" grading of Shailene Woodley last week , but never would I ever have expected such a cumulative uproar from those whose opinions differed. For whatever reason, I imagine this week's hottie student will go over better with the majority of you schmoes, but then again,...
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BOTB Baumbach's Babes: Amanda Seyfried vs Anna Paquin vs Brie Larson

Even though the internet demographic composed of vile human beings who like to say degrading things about women weren't too keen on Ashley Judd's op ed piece made their annoying noise last week, those of us who aren't morally deprived showed the actress love in the match up of mature INSURGENT cast members. This week, as the indie flick WHILE WE'RE YOUNG gets a small roll out, I...
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Amanda Seyfried gets herself very relaxed between takes

Amanda Seyfried seemed to be feeling especially relaxed between takes on the set of her new movie, WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, just bounding around the craft services table in her underwear without a care in the world. Too bad she couldn't keep the food off her shirt though. Some costume person is going to give her shit for that. Amanda's character in the movie appears to be a free spirit type, which...
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