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Did you say you wanted more Tiffani Thiessen? Aiight

Ya'll seemed pretty excited about our little tribute for the 40th b-day of beloved 90s hottie Tiffani Thiessen . Today brings some more of modern day Tiffani as she goes about celebrating her quadrennial down Mexico way. It's interesting how 20 years later she's still very much Kelly Kapowski. Only now she's someone's hot mom instead of someone's hot daughter. She still produces the same...
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Flashback Friday: Here's 40 for Tiffani Thiessen's 40th

I might be tempted to feel kind of sad or depressed about the teen queen hotties from my youth starting to enter their 40s. I keep positive only by the virtue of their lasting appeal. Take, for example, the subject of today's flashback opportunity, Tiffani Thiessen , who just celebrated her big 4-0 yesterday. Ain't nothing decrepit about her. Quite the contrary. Like many of...
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