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Gee, look at those legs Julianne Hough is putting into her Mercedes G-Wagen

I think that if those tree-hugging hippies are going to drip out a constant percolation for their hatred of Hummers, they might want to learn more about cars and research how the Mercedes G-Wagen (I might not know fashion designers, I might not know shoe or purse designers, and I definitely don't know big-name jewelry shit but I can figure out a car, dammit) is pretty much the most worthless...

Leann Rimes goes grocery shopping in Calabasas and Dave's still not there, man

I post this post in jest. For I have a friend named Dave. I do not know if Dave is obsessed or even mildly aroused by LeAnn Rimes , I just know that his day job is located in Calabasas, one of the richer suburbs in California that keeps you within a relatively short drive away from work in Los Angeles (you'll often see images of Britney Spears going to church in Calabasas or Miley Cyrus...

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