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Another party, another chance to ogle Christina Milian's perfect breasts

She's graced the cover of Latina magazine back in May of this year, so of course Christina Milian was going to get an invite to the publication's Latina Hot List party in West Hollywood. And because she's mainly known for being one of the hottest pieces of tail not doing much outside of a brief reality show stint, Lifetime channel movies and running that clothing store of hers (oh, and the...
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Rachel Bilson gets daring, goes shopping out in Hollywood in a white tank, black bra combo

I've always viewed Rachel Bilson as being a fairly boring gal. She was the "It" thing next to Mischa Barton back when "THE O.C." was on for a half-minute (in relation to our collective attention spans) but hasn't done a whole lot since that show other than a fistful of movies, that homespun "Hart of Dixie" show, trying to start a fashion collection line and getting engaged and un-engaged to...
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