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Spot the Difference: Miley Cyrus' Cosmo covers from around the world

I think we've bumped up against some of these strange differences on the covers of Cosmopolitan covers over the years, including a time when that Kardashian chick was featured on a cover which went against her Armenian roots. The magazine can court controversy from time to time, never to the extent of that Annie Leibovitz photoshoot when Miley Cyrus was still underage. But the Disney star is...

Elisha Cuthbert does her best Sears catalog impression for Amy Sussman

Amy Sussman apparently is a photographer who has been working at making a name for herself lately in the heavily populated field of photography. There's only one problem. If she can take a gorgeous icy blonde like Elisha Cuthbert and make it look like she was sitting for a Sears Family Portrait Studio layout, she's doing something very, very wrong. These images of the "Happy Endings" actress...

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