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Who'd Ya Rather?: Amy Adams or Molly Quinn at the Man of Steel premiere?

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Amy Adams and Molly Quinn exploding with hotness at the MAN OF STEEL premiere! Okay, so I'll admit right off the top that asking you to choose between these hotties is a bit unfair. One of these gals has been running through our minds for many years, while the other is more up-and-coming and can't even legally drink yet (well, not in the U.S., anyway)....

Who'd Ya Rather?: Rose Byrne or Jessica Szohr at the Internship premiere?

Does anyone in their right mind plan on seeing  THE INTERNSHIP ? As much as I enjoyed the Wilson and Vaughn combo platter in WEDDING CRASHERS, INTERNSHIP just looks like recycled garbage. It seems like it was made in the most "play it safe" way possible, which in my opinion, makes for the dullest kind of film. They may as well have just called it GOOGLE: THE MOVIE. I'll give it the benefit of...

Who'd Ya Rather?: Heather Graham, Jamie Chung or Naya Rivera at The Hangover III premiere?

Posting important questions like these online makes me feel like a chauvinist, socially awkward, 21-year-old Mark Zuckerberg (in other words, a genius). I regret that I probably won't be heading out to see THE HANGOVER PART III this weekend. With the heavy drinkers who will likely be driving to the theater, along with the local street-racers who will be off to see FAST AND FURIOUS 6 , that...

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