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Kate Upton has a feisty moment on the set of The Layover

I tend to trust Bill Macy. Pretty much everything he's ever been in has a finer quality simply because of his presence, from the more recent "Shameless" to classics like FARGO and PLEASANTVILLE (heck, he even made the scenes he was in in WILD HOGS less painful). So I'm going to trust him as a director even though I haven't seen RUDDERLESS yet and despite people whining about him casting Kate...
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Emmy Rossum is an angel in blue at Catalina Film Festival

Glamour and class don't happen any more perfectly than with Emmy Rossum . Not only is she an absolute stunner, she's also not so uptight and fussy on the red carpet that she comes off as an untouchable doll. Topping off her insane beauty and approachable demeanor are all those nude scenes she's not afraid to do. Kinda kicks those other supposed classy beauties in the dirt. It was nice to see...
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Jamie Chung busts out the black leather bustier for the BCBG Max Fashion Show

I am green with envy when it comes to Jamie Chung . Not only is she super cute, she's been reported to be super nice by the folks I know who have interviewed her and let us not forget that she originally decided to be a cast member on "The Real World" as a means to earn the money to put herself through college, so she's super smart too. She's had great choices with...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Stephanie Fantauzzi

I've recently got into Showtime's hit dramedy "Shameless" and I find myself wondering what took so long. As much as I'm digging the show I have one gripe. I want more Stephanie Fantauzzi! I understand I'm not finished with Season 2 yet and all but I don't care. I just want more of her! And you will too after checking out today's Hottie Clip of the Day, in which Fantauzzi struts...
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