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Vanessa Hudgens gets angelic for Halloween 2013

She's been cast as an angelic type of a gal for roles that Disney wanted her to play and she's been doing nothing but breaking free of that pre-fab role that they pigeoned her into but Vanessa Hudgens has been spending many years since breaking free of that shtick. So it's cute to see that she went back to her roots on Friday night, getting out her furry, fuzzy, feathery halo and wings,...
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Beware and tread with caution, mates. There be Victoria's Secret Angels afoot.

I love it when those new promotional Victoria's Secret ads come out. Whenever they would come on television, I'd have my recordable VHS tapes on standby and just go to town on recording them (don't judge me; that's how I got myself through puberty). Anyway, thanks to the good ol' paparazzi, it looks like they're preparing for another shoot with Angels Karlie Kloss ,...
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