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Cate Blanchett and her Best Actress Oscar & Independent Spirit looks

It's over... right? After last night, where perhaps the winners were more predictable than they have been in a long time (except for my thinking that McQueen might pull Best Director since history usually pairs that award with its Best Picture winner), including our chance to see Buddy Christ win Best Supporting Actress, the odds-on Best Actress winner, Cate Blanchett made good....

Kaley Cuoco looks shocked, awed and gorgeous while winning at the Critics Choice Television Awards

I love me some Kaley Cuoco . She's dated one of her co-stars in the past and yet has an amicable working relationship with him now (Johnny Galecki, just in case you weren't sure which). She's currently dating Superman (ok, the Henry Cavill version if we're getting specific). She goes around town like a regular lass, in from my neck of the woods and often times has me rolling (with laughter!)...

Emily Blunt leads the pack of hotties at the 2013 Critics Choice Awards

Considering that she wasn't Oscar nominated for her role in that movie where Anne Hathaway gets all the attention, I suppose I can understand the tight-lipped, stern expression on Amanda Seyfried's face. Amy Adams looked completely comfortable on the red carpet of the 18th Annual Critics Choice Awards, as she should, considering that the list of nominations she's been racking up since...

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