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Jamie Chung is full of cute at the TCA panel for Believe

That goofy Bryan Greenberg sure has some excellent luck with the ladies, even if his parents were among that group of silly people spelling Brian with a Y. The actor has been scoring with babes since he was able to sidle up to a young ScarJo in 2004's A PERFECT SCORE, later going on to win some other on-screen romantic time with Uma Thurman (PRIME), Eliza Dushku (NOBEL SON), Laura Prepon...

The Nuts girls bring the boobs to a winter wonderland

Surely the Nuts girls have a long line of folks eager to toss a couple snowballs their way, hoping they'll answer back with their own twin globes onslaught. That's a wintery battle I think we could all get into. It's been a great year of Nuts girls action. I wont say that we're necessarily done with featuring any of their legendary layouts for 2013 just yet, as new spreads come out every week....

Selena Gomez proves that her hotness can still be hot even in a pancho

It takes a lot to pull off a pancho well. Usually, a massive sombrero and a big, happy moustache make a pretty good combo and while a pancho is probably one of the last things I want to see a cute female in, Selena Gomez is rocking it somehow and it works. Given, I'd much rather see Selena OUT of a pancho instead of in one, but I think it's brought on this strange, bizarre Mexican-cultured...

Taylor Swift is like an angel at the Winter Whites Gala

I know posting up any articles on this chick is a risk, but after really thinking about it for a second, I've come to the conclusion that yes, Taylor Swift is indeed f*cking beautiful. I know not everyone agrees and I know her personality and songs may not be what many people consider attractive, but the girl's seriously nice to look at. The luscious, blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and cute bod...

No matter the weather, Kelly Brook will always find a way to be hot

God, I love the winter. Or, is it still fall? I'm not too sure ever since I lost my calendar. As wonderful as boobs and butts and tummies and all that great stuff that's on display during the warmer seasons, there's nothing like the style that's associated with the cold weather. Sweaters, jeans, leggings, scarfs…I love that shit. Woman just look so much sexier for some reason and Kelly Brook...

Jennifer Lawrence wishes you winter loveliness from Vanity Fair Italy

If you've already scrolled through our Top 25 hotties of 2012, you know that Jennifer Lawrence did pretty well for herself on there. As an added bonus, I just saw these images from the photoshoot that she did for Vanity Fair Italia, back in 2010. If there was any doubt that she was going to be a big star, we might have briefly missed it then but boy have we caught onto it now. Hope everyone...

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