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Olesya Rulin & her awesome body have the power to persuade me to check out her show

I'm not sure if I'm ready for Playstation to start developing their own original programming. I'm just starting to get caught up on everything that NetFlix has thrown millions and millions of dollars at to get produced, now I've got to ponder if buying a Playstation is going to be cost effective now that they're creating shows like "Powers," adapted from the comic book series of the same name....
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Think it's Photoshop? Karen Gillan's shocking new hairstyle hits SDCC '13 hard

I get crapped on by the Whovians for crapping on the Whovians, but I wonder how many simultaneous heart attacks took place when then former "Dr. Who," star, Karen Gillan took to the stage for the Marvel Movie of 2014, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Many fans were crying foul after Gillan showed up at the Wired Cafe looking no different than she's been known for with the auburn locks. But after...
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