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The hotties of Teen Wolf celebrate 5th season pickup at Comic Con

If you haven't been watching MTV's "Teen Wolf," whether out of fear of anything scripted from the channel or a belief that the show has anything strongly related to the movie version, you're missing out. What started off as probably a easily dismissable teen show has become an engaging thriller with a cast of character who are strangely compelling. And while he's not pictured here, one of the...

Think it's Photoshop? Karen Gillan's shocking new hairstyle hits SDCC '13 hard

I get crapped on by the Whovians for crapping on the Whovians, but I wonder how many simultaneous heart attacks took place when then former "Dr. Who," star, Karen Gillan took to the stage for the Marvel Movie of 2014, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Many fans were crying foul after Gillan showed up at the Wired Cafe looking no different than she's been known for with the auburn locks. But after...

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