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Top 6 Sexiest Witches in Movies

Historically speaking, witches haven't always been looked at by society as particularly attractive. Apart from the occasional spell cast to make themselves look attractive, they've usually been depicted as nasty hags. It's only in the last half a century or so that the witch has enjoyed a chance of perspective, going from hags to hotties in many TV shows, movies and other...
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The ever dainty Emma Watson attends the Regression photocall

Oh Emma Watson ; you're so cute and likable it makes me hopeful you'll be able to one day shed the shadow of Hermione Granger. Then we can all have a different portrayal of yours to fixate on, and inspire euphemisms to describe our lust for you. Sadly for you; that day's not yet here. So forgive me in advance for saying - gazing upon your promotional photos for the most recent...
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Kat Graham casts quite a spell in her low cut jean shorts

She's only mentioned in very specific circles, mostly tweens talking about the latest episode of Vampire Diaries . Usually, if you want to read about or click through sexy photos of Kat Graham you have to look more than you would for someone like Kate Upton . I find this slightly troublesome because she may not be a talented actress, or maybe she just has shit material to work...
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Classic Hotties: Elizabeth Montgomery

This week on Classic Hotties we profile a lady who in some ways is a little different from those we've covered up to this point. While just as beautiful, talented and acclaimed as many of the ladies we profile, Elizabeth Montgomery differs from many of her contemporaries in that she didn't crash and burn like so many who came before and after her. Never a figure of controversy, never...
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