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I hope you're down for more Selena Gomez hotness, because we got it

I've noticed attempts being made lately to infuse some maturity into many of Selena Gomez's magazine spreads and whatnot. At this point we've come to see that Selena's doing just fine maturity wise everywhere south of her neckline. That baby face is clearly the problem for Selena and those in her group who want to separate her from her youth-oriented roots. Thus the significant utilization of...

Selena Gomez heats things up down Miami way with her tiny, string bikini

Selena Gomez and pretty much every other hot woman on the planet were down in Miami this weekend, wearing an assortment of hot bikinis to the delight of squads of crack paparazzi, peeking over walls with their telephoto lenses so that we might bring you hotties like Selena doing their sun worshiping thing. I generally think ill of those guys when they go too far, but you really have to pat...

Happy Double Decade, Debby Ryan!

I am adding this babe into the gallery today not only because she's a cutie from the long line of Disney Channel cuties who've grown up well but because she's lucky enough to share her birthday with my baby sister (I love you, Nikki!) and because she's also a favorite of one of my favorite Schmoes, razgrizz. Debby Ryan has been one of the more fringe characters that Disney didn't put as much...

Selena Gomez's new video looks...interesting?

Selena Gomez has a new album and an accompanying video for it just premiered online. I can only tell you about the first half of it because that's all I could get through, but I can confirm that Selena looks pretty hot in it. This explains the whole Hindu thing she's been up to lately and probably why a lot of Hindu people have been pissed off at her. I guess they're not too keen on...

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