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Eva Longoria is Maxim magazine's Woman of the Year for 2014

There's more than just a tight little body to 38-year old Eva Longoria . There's even more to her than just the accolade of being named Maxim magazine's Woman of the Year for 2014. In fact, there's a whole master's degree more. Believe it or not, the former "Desperate Housewives" star just earned her master's degree in Chicano Studies. Longoria tells...

It's Ms. Ratajkowski if you're nasty

Emily Ratajkowski has usually, up to this point, been the topless girl from the Blurred Lines video. I've known her more as the topless chick from the tons of nude photo shoots she does, unlike this one for Nasty Gal where she managed to leave some semblance of clothes on for a minute. Being known as someone who goes topless a lot is great, but now she's got the additional honor of being the...

Everyone is falling over themselves to kiss Katy Perry's ass

Katy Perry is Billboard Magazine's WOTY for 2012, which seems to have prompted everyone in the recording business to fall down on their knees and smooch her beautiful ass via a series of ads placed amidst the Billboard article. Can't really blame them. You don't need a big award as an excuse to want to give a big, wet one to that butt. Still, that's some damn relentless ass kissing there. I...

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