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Leonardo DiCaprio has now become the embodiment of every man's dreams

It certainly looks like Leo has reached a pinnacle of success in life, or at the very least a success necessary to make the events in these pics a reality. We always knew Leo was partial to the hot models, though in the past he seemed determined to look like the sort who could pull in armfuls of world class supermodels. All that personal upkeep is a pain in the ass though. What we as guys...

Candice Swanepoel was basically like the prom queen of the Maxim party

There had to be a point sometime during the Maxim Hottest 100 Women of 2014 Celebration when a group of men walked by Candice Swanepoel and saw what she looked like in those tight leather pants of hers. I'm sure some of the men were able to conceal their amazement and went about their business, but there was probably one guy who just pantomimed washing his hands and said casually, "I'm...

Sexy little AnnaSophia Robb meets her future self at the Cosmo Luncheon

I'm sorry. I'm not even really hating on Sarah Jessica Parker that much. Truth be told, if they were going for an actress that had an uncanny resemblance to the 48 year old Sex and the City alumni, they missed their mark, but I think that's for the better. Audiences, I would say, are more willing to follow this adorable, and yet, supremely sexy blonde little bombshell, on The...

Maria Menounos and her booty attack a very surprised and happy Zoe Saldana

I guess Zoe Saldana went onto Extra to talk about her new movie, OUT OF THE FURNACE , but based off these pictures, it would appear that Zoe loves Maria Menounos and her booty just as much as I do and went to this television program just to pay respects to the thing. It was then that Maria welcomed her with open arms, which came as a legitimate surprise to Zoe. They embraced, kissed...

Jessica Alba uses her hot powers to fit her curves into a snug dress

It's always lovely to see some of your favorite hotties from way back when (I'm young, so way back when is about six years) still looking good. While Jessica Alba has never really NOT been hot, it's definitely been a while since she's looked this good. I guess the occasion called for it, titling itself the Powers of Women event that was held over in Beverly Hills. While I'm sure the...

Laura Prepon's red hair rocks amid orange and black

I remember being a young lad and catching an episode of That 70's Show on television. That's where I first saw Laura Prepon and fell in love. I have to be honest, though. Before that, I didn't think redheads were all that attractive (which is blasphemy now). What can I say? The scary freckles and lack of soul really kinda wigged me out, but for some reason, something bout Preopn's...

Damn, life sure is hard for Leonardo DiCaprio

Look at that poor guy. No wonder Leonardo DiCaprio had to take some time off from acting, what with all the heavy burdens he's got to deal with in his life. Will he bone the blonde? The brunette? The other blonde? Honestly, how can anyone saddled with this much responsibility be expected to memorize lines and spend months on some movie set god knows where? Okay, so it's really just a shoot for...

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