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Barbara Palvin's hypnotic stare will lure you into the deep, dark woods

It’s always good to see mention of Barbara Palvin around these parts. She’s still one of my absolute favorite models and whether that’s because of her giant blue eyes or her bell-shaped lips or her willingness to be completely naked, I’m not sure (most likely, it’s all three). I know we talked about her being weird as something that regularly happens and while...
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Lacey Chabert spends her days hanging out in the woods and looking hot

I probably wouldn't be too surprised to learn that Lacey Chabert was hold up in some cabin in the woods, her hotness going to waste on birds and squirrels and bark beetles. That at least would explain why I have barely seen anything from her since like freaking LOST IN SPACE a million years ago. Of course we hear a lot from her in the way of voice over work, which is understandable as she...
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