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Jessica Chastain & Anna Kendrick had a hot yellow dress contest at Cannes

The 69th (teehee) Festival de Cannes is up and running over in France as we speak, bringing all the big names down to the beautiful French Riviera where they pretend to be celebrating cinema while actually hanging out on yachts, drinking expensive champagne, and screwing their brains out into the wee hours with an assortment of perfect people. Yeah, I've never been. But if I did go, that's...
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Hottie Clip: Tiffani Thiessen in Hollywood Ending

Believe it or not, this weekend marks Saved By the Bell hottie  Tiffani Thiessen 's 42nd birthday. The gal who put the "kapow" in Kapowski is has played many characters on the boob tube, in such dramatic programs as Beverly Hills, 90201 , Fastlane and White Collar . She's currently stepping up in the biz by starring in her very own... cooking...
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Kristen Stewart is retro, adorable & having fun on the latest Woody Allen set

Just when I think we can get past the "Woody Allen's new ingenue" thing, up pops Kristen Stewart looking radiant in retro fashion on his latest as-yet-untitled film. The movie will reteam Stewart with her AMERICAN ULTRA star, Jesse Eisenberg, and it's a solid bet that the Allen flick will actually do worse at the box office than the flopping stoner sleeper spy film. The 25-year old...
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Emma Stone makes irrationally cute faces

I'm sure the vast majority of you heading out to theaters this weekend will be buying yourself a ticket to see Marvel's ANT MAN, rather than Woody Allen's IRRATIONAL MAN. That's not a criticism. I'll be doing the same. Yet it occurs to me that I've never seen a Woody Allen movie in a theater before. It's always been on some kind of home video or cable format. Which is fine, since it's not...
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Emma Stone is the adorable, redhead actress of the decade

Part 2 of our redhead afternoon comes to us via Emma Stone , who premiered her new Woody Allen movie IRRATIONAL MAN at Cannes today, doing so in sensational-looking black and white. I especially like the white. Damn, Emma! Where you get all dat ass from? I don't remember her having such a succulent rump as that. I don't know what's going on there, but I like it. A lot. I suspect there...
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Sofia Vergara jiggles for Gigolo

Busty Latin princess Sofia Vergara is currently filming a new movie called FADING GIGOLO, which has a rather interesting pedigree. Directed by John Turturro, it stars Woody Allen, Sharon Stone and Sofia and tells the story of a guy who becomes a gigolo to help his broke friend Murray (played by Allen) and also brings in his friend Murray to be his pimp/manager and then I guess hijinks...
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