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Sara Malakul Lane makes this a construction site of a sexual nature

Have you ever seen an array of pictures of a woman so ridiculously hot, you started convulsing and crying out to the heavens, "Why, God? Why do you tease me like this?" Oh, you haven't? Yeah, me neitherů However, if there was such a photoshoot to invoke such ridiculous effects, it would more than likely be this one starring this gal named Sara Malakul Lane. Haven't heard of her? Yeah, me...
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Nuts envisions what the greatest office ever might look like

I hate offices. They're just miserable places where no one wants to be and only choose to endure because they're slightly less inclined to living in a refrigerator box. However, I think I could get used to an office concept like the one Nuts has come up with. What guys haven't wasted a ton of time imagining what their hot coworkers look like out of their business attire? In the Nuts...
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