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Would you hit it? (Kelly Clarkson)

I'm trying to keep track of the reasons that have been given for why certain "Would you hit it?" nominees have been given the big NUH-UH. I know that some have said certain women look too slutty, used up, etc etc etc. I've seen commentary about them having good bodies but ugly faces, so only with a bag on their head. I've even noticed a few times when responders said it was just because the...
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Would you hit it? (Sophie Simmons)

I know that my opinion counts for very little in most people's scope of things, but I want to put out two things in this post. I never have ever thought that Gene Simmons or any of the other members of KISS were good looking men, with or without the makeup. Thankfully, I passed over that generation who did. The other thing that I want to make perfectly clear is that if one of these "Would you...
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Would you hit it? (Adele)

Singer Adele had a blast at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, partly because she was a winner for song "Skyfall" from the movie SKYFALL and partly because it was the new mom's chance to get a break from the baby. While Adele did talk lovingly about her son in her acceptance speech, a smile like the one she was wearing most of the night was either from the delirium that comes from not...
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Would you still hit it? (Katy Perry, au naturale)

One of the things I remember hearing about Katy Perry when she was on the Vans Warped Tour in 2008, was that she didn't allow anyone else to see her without her makeup on, trying to maintain her poptart image that she was just then nurturing. Since the release (and subsequent bomb) of her concert movie, PART OF ME, Katy has been more willing to show her fans that she isn't perfect looking...
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Would you hit it? (Kat Von D)

I have tattoos. I have a strange, mangled way of thinking when it comes to tattoos. Some have called me a tattoo snob. I don't think I can truly deny that. I understand how I come off that way. I was raised by a mother who insisted that the only women who have tattoos are the biker chicks with bad reputations and even worse boyfriends. Her first step in determining that someone was no good was...
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