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Nicole Kidman at the CMT Awards... would you still?

She's going to turn 47 on June 20th this year, but considering the fact that so many of the hottest actresses that have gotten the thumbs up in their wizened state, the age thing doesn't mean as much as one might think. I wonder though, after the life with Tom Cruise and the Botox face and the eerie strangeness (otherness?) that she exudes, does Nicole Kidman still do it for any of...
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Would you tap that? (Rooney Mara)

I can't remember off hand if the people behind the fashion image that is Calvin Klein go for the super skinny crap that has been debated recently after the head of Abercrombie & Fitch came out and talked smack about anyone who wears over a size 4 (or whatever nonsense that was). I just know that while Rooney Mara is a tender, wispy alien-looking woman who has been praised for her acting in...
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Would you tap that? (The "Glam" Ke$ha)

I happen to consider Ke$ha (or as my twinks will say it, "Kay-Dolla-Hah!") my guiltiest not guilty pleasure. She can't sing for shit when it's live. She has what comes off as a personality as deep as a rainwater gutter puddle with intelligence somewhere in that range as well. But she's working with the right people and when she puts out a song, it is catchy as all hell. I like that she's not...
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Would you hit it? (Adele)

Singer Adele had a blast at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, partly because she was a winner for song "Skyfall" from the movie SKYFALL and partly because it was the new mom's chance to get a break from the baby. While Adele did talk lovingly about her son in her acceptance speech, a smile like the one she was wearing most of the night was either from the delirium that comes from not...
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Would you hit that? (The cast of "Girls")

When HBO's "Girls" nabbed two Golden Globes last night (for Best Actress in Television Series- Comedy/Musical, and Best Television Series- Comedy/Musical), it came to me as quite a surprise. The only other award the program has won thus far is the Emmy for "Outstanding Casting in a Comedy Series". On top of that, the first season of "Girls" received modest ratings. I checked it out when...
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