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Would you tap that? (The "Glam" Ke$ha)

I happen to consider Ke$ha (or as my twinks will say it, "Kay-Dolla-Hah!") my guiltiest not guilty pleasure. She can't sing for shit when it's live. She has what comes off as a personality as deep as a rainwater gutter puddle with intelligence somewhere in that range as well. But she's working with the right people and when she puts out a song, it is catchy as all hell. I like that she's not...
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Would you hit it? (Adele)

Singer Adele had a blast at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, partly because she was a winner for song "Skyfall" from the movie SKYFALL and partly because it was the new mom's chance to get a break from the baby. While Adele did talk lovingly about her son in her acceptance speech, a smile like the one she was wearing most of the night was either from the delirium that comes from not...
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Would you hit that? (The cast of "Girls")

When HBO's "Girls" nabbed two Golden Globes last night (for Best Actress in Television Series- Comedy/Musical, and Best Television Series- Comedy/Musical), it came to me as quite a surprise. The only other award the program has won thus far is the Emmy for "Outstanding Casting in a Comedy Series". On top of that, the first season of "Girls" received modest ratings. I checked it out when...
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