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Nicole Kidman at the CMT Awards... would you still?

She's going to turn 47 on June 20th this year, but considering the fact that so many of the hottest actresses that have gotten the thumbs up in their wizened state, the age thing doesn't mean as much as one might think. I wonder though, after the life with Tom Cruise and the Botox face and the eerie strangeness (otherness?) that she exudes, does Nicole Kidman still do it for any of...
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Seriously, do any of you consider Kate Gosselin to be hot?

I understand some of you might be not as pleased with a non-"real"-celebrity being featured on the site called MovieHotties but I've got to know: What is the deal with Kate Gosselin ? I didn't catch on to whatever this chick's business was until the whole thing was falling down in a shambles (perhaps around the time she was featured on "Dancing with the Stars" since I end up seeing a lot of...
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Would you tap that? (Emma Rigby)

When I first looked at these images from the Disney Summer TCA Party, I thought this chick was the lovechild of Paris Hilton and Kristin Chenoweth but I feel that's unfair to Chenoweth. This here is Emma Rigby , a 23-year old actress from England who got her start in acting as a part of the soap opera "Hollyoaks" and is moving on over to the North American side of the pond with roles in...
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Would you tap that? (Serena Williams)

People had some things to say that alternated between complimentary and kinda funny as fuknowtherest when I posted images of Serena Williams in a bikini earlier this week. Now the tennis player is showing up to posh fashion shows like this one for Burberry. Not only that, she's speaking out against the Rolling Stone article which referred to the victim of the Steubenville rape after the...
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Would you still wanna tap that? (Pamela Anderson)

Where in the world is Pamela Anderson these days? Still walking around in her stiletto heels in the middle of L.A. looking like the classy soon-to-turn 46-year old former Playboy Playmate of yore. Or not. I mean, she still looks the same and yet... not. How about I ask this question as a precursor to the would you wanna tap that middle-aged, breast-implanted ass... Am I the only one who...
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Would you tap that? (Robin Lawley, size 16 swimsuit Vogue Australia cover model)

I happen to follow Robin Lawley on Facebook and she's one of those few features where I get as excited as she does every time that she's announcing a new set of pictures coming out or a new magazine that decided to feature her. I don't understand why it's got to be such a big deal that she's a size 16 model (or the more well-used term "Plus-Sized Model") or that covers feature headlines such...
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Would you tap that? (Rooney Mara)

I can't remember off hand if the people behind the fashion image that is Calvin Klein go for the super skinny crap that has been debated recently after the head of Abercrombie & Fitch came out and talked smack about anyone who wears over a size 4 (or whatever nonsense that was). I just know that while Rooney Mara is a tender, wispy alien-looking woman who has been praised for her acting in...
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Would you still get it on with redheaded Laura Prepon?

Hello, Wisconsin! Just when you thought the premiere of new 'Arrested Development" episodes on Netflix was too much excitement, Laura Prepon appears as the ginger we all know and love. I used to be to be an avid watcher of "That '70's Show" in the most pathetic of ways, so you can only imagine how happy I am to see that Donna Pinciotti has brought the red hair back in all its glory. She'd...
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Would you tap that? (The "Glam" Ke$ha)

I happen to consider Ke$ha (or as my twinks will say it, "Kay-Dolla-Hah!") my guiltiest not guilty pleasure. She can't sing for shit when it's live. She has what comes off as a personality as deep as a rainwater gutter puddle with intelligence somewhere in that range as well. But she's working with the right people and when she puts out a song, it is catchy as all hell. I like that she's not...
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Would you tap that? (The "New" Snooki)

Holy crap! What a difference a baby, a lifestyle change and a bunch of reevaluated make-up choices can make? Over the weekend, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi showed up wearing a sparkling dress from her new line of fashion (yes, she's got her own fashion line called Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi) and dare I say... gone is the Oompa Loompa orange glow. Gone is the bump/poof (although the hair is...
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