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Miley Cyrus smokes weed on stage, acts like Miley Cyrus at the EMAS

Seeing as how the European Music Awards (EMAs) take place in Amsterdam and that recently former Disney brain trust, Miley Cyrus , has come out talking about how she much rather prefers marijuana over alcohol, it's fairly unsurprising that while Cyrus took to the stage to perform her latest hit, "Wrecking Ball," she would toke up. I can't say that I hate on Cyrus, I...

Terry Richardson nabs Miley Cyrus for another nipple-filled photoshoot

Well, it's official. We've now seen the nipples of Miley Cyrus thanks to that forever-pervy Terry Richardson. The girl warned everyone about a month ago that she was a Wrecking Ball and she's going further and further down the road to prove it. This is the latest in the long line of stunts that the former "Hannah Montana" star has pulled to prove that she's all...

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