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WWE Diva AJ Lee makes all the boys go Zoinks

She's not just a tough broad who knows her way around a wrestling ring. Turns out, thanks to a new straight-to-DVD movie SCOOBY DOO! WRESTLEMANIA MYSTERY, WWE Diva A.J. Lee is now a cartoon voice actress. The rowdy group from the wrestling establishment (is that what you would call it? I know so little about the "sport" even though I'm friends with a number of Australians and they way those...

Could you get with a beefed up babe like Trish Stratus?

I've got an aversion to women who bulk up. It's just not attractive to me. I'm not necessarily opposed to fit women, but when they start to grow biceps that challenge the stitch in the average t-shirt sleeve, I start to look elsewhere. I'm not sure where I stand on former WWE star Trish Stratus , seen here in the pages of Australia's Inside Fitness magazine. She's on the cusp of growing the...

Are Clooney and Keibler kaput?

After two years of time spent as one of celebrity's prettiest couples, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler appear to have called it quits. Supposedly this is a big deal, though not really a surprise. I've heard the clock ticking on this relationship for some time now. Knowing George the way we do, you knew there was no way this guy sticks around for too long - not with the readily...

Kaitlyn does supermodel work for WWE Magazine's December issue

I really don't like wrestling all that much. I'll watch it when I'm high and someone else insists that it's more enjoyable that way, but I'm not sure if I like it or I'm just too lazy to wrestle to get the remote control back. Kaitlyn , as she's known in the WWE (born under the name Celeste Beryl Bonin) has been a model, pro body builder and pro wrestler since 2007. She eventually started...

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