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Hot or Not: Katie Aselton

While most of you will be out either re-watching IRON MAN 3 or catching whatever time showing of STAR TREK: INTO THE DARKNESS (or some of you secretly partaking in some GREAT GATSBY 3D action - did you not hear that I wanted that movie to bomb, you jerks?!?!) there's another option if you can look around and find it. Not only does this week's Hot or Not selection star in the movie, she's...

Hot or Not: Lena Dunham

PLEASE: IF YOU PLAN ON JUST BEING DEMEANING, AT LEAST TRY TO MAKE YOUR COMMENTS CLEVER OR WITTY. THANK YOU. There are a lot of people talking about this week's Hot or Not girl this week and while I go into this column knowing that the majority of you are going to talk shit, I want to feature her because the show that she wrote, developed and sold just finished its second season with a...

Ellen Page gets cozy with Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling at Sundance 2013

Ellen Page stands a whopping 5 feet and 1 single inch tall. Not that you'd notice that half the time when she's in movies, seeing as how her personality is so overwhelmingly large. But viewing her standing next to Alexander Skarsgard for the profile images the cast of THE EAST, she sure does appear dwarfed by his 6'4" stature. The movie sounds promising if you were around to catch 2011's...

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