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Even with a baby bump, Keira Knightley remains as desirable as always

Wow. I guess I need to start paying a little more attention here. I had no idea Keira Knightley was even pregnant, but by what the Internet is telling me (and it's never wrong), she's been carrying around that little side passenger known as a fetus for at least a couple days (I was never taught about the birds and the bees as a kid, so I have no idea how long it takes for a baby to grow,...

Aubrey Plaza hits up the Writers Guild Awards, cozies up to Amy Poehler

While hanging out at the Writers Guild Awards, Aubrey Plaza bumped into her "Parks and Recreation" costar, Amy Poehler and the two looked quite comfy taking pictures together. From what I've heard, P&R has a very close-knit cast, something I wasn't sure would sound like a good thing. When a sweater is knit too tightly, it can become warped out of shape and not allow air to breathe, causing...

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