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Melanie Brown still looks spicy in a not-so-scary way

I never was a Spice Girls fan when I would have had the chance to do so in a non-ironic, hipster sort of way. The only line from one of their songs that I know is about telling and wanting and even thinking about that makes my skin start to crawl. With all the personal life craziness that surrounds one of the group's members, Melanie Brown (remember some years ago when she said she was...

Katy Perry was also a sexy tiger while in London

Katy Perry was in England to perform on their version of The X-Factor, where she donned a sexy tiger costume and got carried around by dudes in eye shadow. Typical Katy live show weirdness, but at least she was making with the boobs. I recently found myself in a situation where I had no choice but to listen to her latest album. It wasn't my first choice for soundtracks on a drive down the...

Nicole Scherzinger looks expensively hot in a tight leather dress

I've always promised myself that one day I'm going to get one of those super expensive leather couches that wrap around you like a warm blanket of former cow. I see these things once in a while at the store or someone's house and I have to lay on them and dream of one day having the cash to keep such a blissful furniture experience in my home. I think I'd probably sell the bed at that point...

UK Z-lister, Kimberley Garner, has got some mighty nice shells on her hands

This Kimberley Garner chick has appeared on something called "Made in Chelsea," which by all innocent appearances I guess I can write off as being a UK reality show. She's now running around doing modeling shoots for bikinis (you can track her on Twitter if you care to) and the tabloids over the pond (or perhaps you're already there, since I understand that our readership is not exclusive...

Nicole Scherzinger does her best Morticia Addams, with pasties

Nicole Scherzinger was at some TV awards show (as if they don't already have enough of those) dressed up a little early for Halloween. She does the whole dark enchantress thing well, but come on - pasties? Hotties, if you're going to wear the semi-sheer outfit and nothing underneath, then don't wuss out and spoil the effect by covering up the one part of you outfits like this are supposed to...

Alexandra Burke and her healthy bikini body in Miami

Having gotten her start on the original "X Factor," when it was airing on the BBC back in 2008-2009, there isn't much that I know about singer Alexandra Burke other than the fact that these healthy caramel colored curves strutting around on a Miami beach sure are a great departure from the other teeny-tiny skinny girls who have been baring their bods on the beach lately. She's a fit girl with...

Brit-Brit looks purty good at the X-Factor Finales, y'all

I don't understand why after all the shit that Britney Spears has been been through in the last few years, there are still people who want to complain about the little things. For example, there's a lot of talk about how Brit-Brit shouldn't have tried to work the fringe bangs. Fringe bangs?!?! She's not being taken away in an ambulance as she chomps down on gum, smiling and waving to the...

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