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Xenia Deli wears bikinis in the jungle, then wears just sandals

I've become intrigued with model Xenia Deli . She's got a quality about her. Obviously she's got a killer bod, but she's also got something about her eyes - very expressive. I think that eye magic might be as important as the quality of her body and whatnot. You sometimes see those models out there doing that dead eye thing, where it looks like someone proped up a dead girl in fashions and...

I'd sure like to eat at the Xenia Deli

I wont lie to you people, there ain't a whole lot going on in celebrity hottie circles right now. The summer movie season is pretty much over, everybody is either on vacation or coming off vacation or otherwise indisposed. It all makes this time of year just a shitty time to be looking for stuff with hotties to post. Thankfully there's almost always some bangable model doing her thing in sexy...

Who is Xenia Deli and why is she not on my face?

I don't know who Xenia Deli is, but I'm pretty sure I'd climb my way through a whale carcass just to feel the warm spot on her chair. I'd be perfectly happy if I was 60 years older and she married me for my money (the whole 10 bucks). When I googled Xenia Deli (sounds like a sandwich shop for warrior princesses… HAYOOO!! ), all I found were a shitload of pictures and a Twitter...

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