Maria Menounos shares her red hot secrets

Unfortunately for us, the secrets Maria Menounos chose to share in NYC weren't the kind I'm sure we'd like. Instead, she was doing some kind of yoga shit with pool brushes to demonstrate how she stays fit. She did do this in tights though, which is nice. But then no one got a decent shot of her ass in those tights, which was unfortunate again. What the hell is that about? She's in New York...

Rosie Jones & Nicole Neal can barely keep their bikinis on

Frequent titty models Nicole Neal and Rosie Jones were doing something or other for Nuts magazine recently, which seemed to involve them goofing off in bikinis in someone's backyard doing some kind of improvised yoga. It's funny how when you get any two of these spank mag girls together, they 1. get naked eventually, and 2. can't keep their hands off each other. Not that I have a problem...

Vanessa Hudgens is hiding behind her hat again; depresses humanity

Little Vanessa Hudgens . Isn't she at all aware of how gorgeous she is? Coming out of what appears to be fencing (I'm assuming because of the yoga mat; I've exercised once or twice in my life and I know what I'm talking about) she's hiding behind that hat of hers for the second time now .  While Hudgens at the very least is wearing some stupidly hot purple...

Blurry pics of Kate Beckinsale in a bikini are better than no pics at all

Kate Beckinsale is hanging down in Cabo with her fam, enjoying some of that warm sun and reveling in the fact that she owns one of the sexiest bodies in the world. Too bad whoever took these photos was anchored miles off shore or went with the budget zoom lens. Still, it's Kate in a bikini and we can still make out the important bits, which is pretty much every bit of her. That's one...

Does Miley Cyrus's bikini yoga routine do anything for ya?

Yesterday, I made many of you feel like a dirty old man by spreading the joy of Ariana Grande and her giant fishbowl eyeballs, and today I'm going to do the same thing with the former Disney national treasure, Miley Cyrus . Who hasn't been surprised by this girl's antics over the past couple years? Since she hit adulthood, she's gone from being a perky, blonde wig-wearing pop princess to...

Maria Menounos does yoga. This really doesn't even need a headline.

I believe it was around this time last year when Maria Menounos appeared on her show "Extra" in a Giants-themed bikini , in support of her favorite football team. That was quite a pleasant surprise. This time, she's surprising us by doing yoga in Times Square, and rather splendidly at that. Some of these shots almost remind me of that Cirque du Soleil training course I once took. This is...

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