Demi Lovato brings her distorted, 3D hotness right to you

Am I the only one that thinks this kind of looks 3D? I guess it would need some blue in there to really be effective, but it just kind of reminds me of it. I really should stop drinking in the mornings… I know I've gushed over Demi Lovato before. She's just a big crush of mine and I like her and I think her voice is nice. What can I say? So, whenever I get the opportunity to...
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Rose Leslie puts the ginger eye candy in You magazine

While she's hot off of her "Game of Thrones" reign as the Bastard's hot piece of ginger tail, Rose Leslie is striking. Not just in terms of her looks - the redheaded Scotslady looks outstanding in the sadly small photoset that she did for You magazine - but in her career as well. Her latest role is that of Bea in HONEYMOON, out right now in limited release. The movie is a horror flick...
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Emmanuelle Chriqui is looking mighty fine for me, you, some dude and Gus

Here's Emmanuelle Chriqui looking made up and gorgeous at the Stand Up For Gus charity event in West Hollywood. It's always a pleasure to come across pictures of this girl. Not only is she mighty pretty, but she exudes such a sweetness and likability that it makes me want to fly on over to her place and propose marriage. Too much? Eh. Emmanuelle looks absolutely beautiful here, but what's...
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Morena Baccarin gets sexy stylish for you

Former fake concubine Morena Baccarin is in the pages of You magazine this month, sporting some weird fashion shit that's great anyway because it fits her either tightly or covers her only minimally. I especially like that hoodie/miniskirt thing. That's a nice look for winter. Finally something the ladies can wear when it gets cold outside that doesn't interfere with our ability to...
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