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Classic Hotties: Jane Seymour

It can be argued that the world's most beautiful women come from England. Look around this site for a bit and you'll see much evidence in favor of that. My assertions on that subject were solidified long before this place even existed. Growing up with beauties like Jane Seymour splashing their radiance across our TV and movie screens, how could an impressionable youth come to any other...

1991 was last week for Daisy Fuentes

I'm not sure what, if anything, Daisy Fuentes has had done to herself over the years to look so good. Whatever it is, be it good genes or the scalpel, that shit has worked wonders. Here she is on top of the Empire State Building the other day, looking as good or even better than she did way back in the day when she was serving up videos on what used to be MTV. I say better, because she's no...

If you want to do something, you could do worse than Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn Sanchez was at some awards show I've never heard of the other day, looking hot as usual in her sexy low cut number. Roselyn is yet another of those Latina women who doesn't seem to age. She's 40 this year and looks 20-something, easily. That's basically the story with all the hot and famous Latinas, right? Can you think of any hot and famous Latina person who went from young and...

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