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Hottie Report Card: Jaimie Alexander

So, Jaimie Alexander . That's the THOR 2 hottie you want to see get graded this week, huh? Not Natalie Portman or Kat Dennings ? Well, I suppose going with the lesser-known babe would be the more "hip" thing to do, plus there have been some rumors lately that Jaimie may take on the metallic bosoms of Wonder Woman in a feature film. Currently, she can be seen in...

Sexy TwitPics: Maria Menounos

It's about time television personality and full-fledged hottie Maria Menounos got her own "Sexy TwitPics" column. We've only been posting about this hottie's shapely hindquarters just about every chance we've had for the past year. Plus, having been a regular correspondent for "Today", "Access Hollywood" and "Extra",...

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