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Emmy Rossum is just plain hot in a tight, zebra stripe dress

I hate the fact that every time I put up anything with Emmy Rossum , it's almost always got to be something involving or mentioning Shameless. I try not to mention it, because it sounds like I'm suggesting that she's a one trick pony or that this show is the only thing she's good for. I guess that's kind of true, at least as far as her career goes. Not a lot else happening there, which is...
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Let the fuzzy, but sexy Maria Menounos picturepalooza continue!

Here we can see Maria Menounos soaking up the sun and looking fan-frickin'-tastic again, only this time in another bikini. I wonder if some asshole Photoshopped the old ones and put some hypnotizing line pattern on the bikini to make it more alluring. Well, whether that was done or not, it's working. I'm transfixed and can't look away. Maria has always had an incredible...
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