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The Top Ten Hotties You'd Want to Fight Zombies With

I doubt that many people are going to rush out to see the depressing zombie tale of Arnie & his daughter (seriously, the dude is nearly 68-years old and just because dudes can have babies as old as they want to doesn't make him any less the plausible age of Abigail Breslin's GRANDfather) in MAGGIE , but it's a good topic to generate a top ten list from. There's no shortage of beautiful women...

Sexy TwitPics: Emily Kinney

If you're one of the millions of brain-hungry followers of THE WALKING DEAD, you should get your fix with this week's "TwitPics" hottie, the almost way too adorable  Emily Kinney ! The sugary yet spicey mixture of Kinney's hottie attributes may throw some people off. If you aren't familiar with her, she may seem too young for your taste at...

Let's double up on some Lauren Cohan fighting AIDS with her boobs

The nicely cleaned up Lauren Cohan was among many hotties at this year's amfAR Inspiration gala, putting out all kinds of cleavage for delighted throngs of photographers. I finally got around to watching the last episode of The Walking Dead last night. I usually have to put off watching episodes of that show for awhile, until I have sufficient reserves to deal with it's many plot twists and...

Hottie Report Card: Lauren Cohan

Surely many of you are excited to see THE WALKING DEAD drag its carcass back into our homes for yet another season this Sunday evening. Not a damned thing can stop it, either. Whether you're caught up with the series or, like me, just catching on, you can't deny it's made a bigger impact than a 12 gauge, so why not shift our focus from movies for this Report Card, and...

Face Off: Emilia Clarke vs. Lauren Cohan

More folks were interested in petting pretty kitty Kat Dennings over her competition Elizabeth Gillies in last week's Face Off. I agree that Kat is ripe for petting, but I'd hate to leave Elizabeth neglected. As with most anything that pertains to multiple hotties, the more the better. Just like seasons in the real world have changed, we're also experiencing that recurring cycle of...

Maria Menounos goofs off with The Governor

Maria Menounos and her fine ass were looking good as usual on the set of Extra yesterday, where she and The Governor from The Walking Dead did some zombie touchy-feely. Speaking of TWD, are ya'll ready for season 3.5? While season 1 remains the best thus far, I'm much more down with where they're taking things in season 3 over the snoozefest that was season 2. I didn't think it was possible...

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