Georgia Salpa goes to the Zoo in her underwear

I got briefly excited when I saw that Georgia Salpa is in the latest issue of English titty mag Zoo this week. This being one of those mags that specializes in featuring pretty much every model bare ass naked within its pages, my hopes and dreams were that this might be the moment when Georgia finally lets those ginormous tatas out into the cool, fresh air. Sadly Georgia decided to buck...

Lucy Collett leaves the nuthouse for the Zoo

I'm sure many of you mourned the death of Nuts earlier this month. I know I'll always lament the loss of that big titty weekly. Fortunately that was not the only British publication tasked with documenting the extraordinary percentage of their population with outrageously huge tits. Zoo magazine is also well known for this noble journalistic pursuit and they've managed to bring over former...

Lucy Mecklenburgh is the sexiest beast at the Zoo

British soap star and bikini aficionado Lucy Mecklenburgh has a spread in that other English titty mag titled simply Zoo, which is an appropriate name considering that some would look at folks who read these mags as degenerate animals. I don't know why that is. Who doesn't love titties? Let's be honest here. Boobs feed us for months when we're babies, which makes us all fond of looking at...

Jessica Alba sure is one hot momma

Jessica Alba is a f*cking pro. Not only is she still looking very sexy, but it looks like she has absolutely no problem dealing with the pesky paparazzi or with people writing articles on her hotness when she's innocently hanging out with the family and her baby. Wait, what? I dunno. It looks like she's having fun at the zoo and drinking her coffee and just being an overall badass...

Mammary Monday: Rosie Jones & Lucy Collett

It's been a long weekend for me, over in CherryLand, what with birthdays and Jeremy Renner in Faire/Steampunk gear in cheesy movies that are funny in the vein of ARMY OF DARKNESS and some really excellent sushi and the booze. What's a weekend without booze? So how do we go about recovering from a weekend like that? Two of the best hangovers remedies in the world. Well, four really, on two...

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