AUTHOR: Dave Murray


DVD REVIEW: Black Death

Dave Murray reviews "Black Death"

INTERVIEW: Trevor Munson, author of Angel Of Vengeance.

GET THE ANGEL OF VENGEANCE BOOK HERE A while back I had the chance to review Trevor Munson's excellent vampire noir Angel Of Vengeance , the inspiration for the CBS show Moonlight , which Munson co-created and served as writer and executive producer on. Although the show was short lived, despite a large and vocal fan following, his characters have found new life with the release of...

DVD REVIEW: Ashes to Ashes: A Batman Short Film

Dave Murray reviews "Ashes to Ashes: A Batman Short Film"

BLU-RAY REVIEW: Embodiment of Evil

Dave Murray reviews "Embodiment of Evil "

DVD: Skyline (Blu-Ray)

Dave Murray reviews "Skyline (Blu-Ray)"

Review: Choose (2011), starring Katheryn Winnick.

Plot: A journalism student tracks the bloody path of a serial killer who has a nifty gimmick – he makes people choose how they will die, who they will kill, or in what way they’ll be mutilated. While her father the sheriff bumbles along ignoring glaring connections between cases, and even some throwbacks to his wife’s death, until finally realizing “hey, there be...

Review: Michael Greenspan's Wrecked, starring Adrien Brody .

PLOT: A man wakes up trapped in a wrecked car at the bottom of a ravine, with no memory of who he is or who he got there, and a rotting corpse in the back seat. As he works to free himself and then fight for survival in the wilderness, he learns little clues about his possible identity that make his situation even worse. REVIEW: Some of the best movies I've ever seen have...


Dave Murray reviews "Missing"

BOOK REVIEW: What's A Nice Actor Like You Doing In A Movie Like This?

SYNOPSIS: Presented in an encyclopedia/bathroom reader style, Dan Whitehead's What's a Nice Actor Like You Doing In A Movie Like This? is a detailed, witty and hilarious listing of "the most embarrassing movies in history, and the celebrities who stared in them".From A to Z, some of the cheesiest movies you've ever had the good luck not to see are described in all of their glory,...

DVD REVIEW: Exorcismus

Dave Murray reviews "Exorcismus"

DVD REVIEW: Absentia

Dave Murray reviews "Absentia"

DVD REVIEW: Chain Letter

A man is confronted with the notion that the world he believes in is actually a computer generated program. When he finally accepts it, he discovers that his role in life is much larger than he ever could have imagined.

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