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The Arrow Reviews: Hitman: Agent 47 starring Rupert Friend & Zachary Quinto

"Had the right actor as Agent 47 and some cool action bits; bummer somebody took a big dump on the story." "The Arrow reviews Hitman: Agent 47"

The Arrow Reviews: Sinister 2 starring Shannyn Sossamon

"Bagul aka Buhguul aka Mr. Boogie aka The Eater of Children (shit this dude has more names than Apollo Creed) deserves better than this!" "The Arrow reviews Sinister 2"

The Arrow Reviews: The Curse of Downers Grove

"The Curse of Whatever the F*ck was more like an After School Special on coke than a horror film. " "The Arrow reviews The Curse of Downers Grove"

The Arrow Reviews: Tyler Shields' Final Girl starring Abigail Breslin

"Your enjoyment of FINAL GIRL will depend on just how good you are at switching your brain off in the name of having a good time! " "The Arrow reviews Final Girl"

The Arrow Reviews: Joel Edgerton's The Gift starring Jason Bateman

"Way more ambitious and challenging than its "Blumhouse Special" marketing led me to believe. This is a thriller for adults, teens who thought THE GALLOWS was the tits... STAY AWAY!" "The Arrow reviews The Gift"

The Arrow Reviews: Unfriended

"One question remains; what the f*ck did Laura Barnes eat at that party? I have seen peeps shit themselves drunk off their asses before but the mess she made was beyond out of hand! " "The Arrow reviews Unfriended"

The Arrow Reviews: Northmen starring Tom Hopper and Ryan Kwanten!

"It provided a much needed two-hour of escapism and sometimes that's all you need man. I'd be down for a sequel! TO VALHALLA!!!!!" "The Arrow reviews Northmen"

Winners: Win an autographed UK Dead Shadows DVD!

WINNERS ARE: Dominic Walsh, John Fueshko, Tom Oosting, Pierre Marcotte, Lindsey H. Thanks to everybody that entered! Prizes will be shipped shortly! Hey all, DEAD SHADOWS , a sci-fi action film that I acted in (I played a badass Canuck kicking alien ass - yeah I stretched) is finally getting its UK DVD release (it's out now) and to celebrate, I'll be signing 5...

The Arrow Reviews: Extinction, starring Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan

"EXTINCTION was all right and is worth at least one watch. But with Miguel Angel Vivas at the helm, I expected more than just all right..." "The Arrow reviews Extinction"

The Arrow Reviews: Dark was the Night with Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas

"It had an interesting set-up, a solid lead cast and some poignant drama; too bad it was guilty of the worse movie sin of all - being a crushing BORE." "The Arrow reviews Dark was the Night"

Review: The Gallows

"Just like Roger Murtaugh said: "I'm too old for this shit." I'm definitely not the target audience for this drivel.." "The Arrow reviews The Gallows"

The Arrow Review: Franck Khalfoun's i-Lived, starring Jeremiah Watkins!

"I LIVED was this generation's 976 EVIL but with an evil app instead of a Satan fueled phone horoscope hotline. Worth at least ONE watch!" "The Arrow reviews i-Lived"

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