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Reviewed by: JimmyO

Directed by: Various

Michael C. Hall
Julie Benz
James Remar

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What's it about
America’s favorite serial killer returns with the release of Season 1 on Blu-ray. Dexter Morgan works with the Miami Police Department by day, and as a code driven murderer at night. In the first season, he is trying to find out the mystery of the Ice Truck Killer, and balance himself in a normal relationship. A bloody good time had by all.
Is it good movie?
I love Dexter. The series about a do-good serial killer who only takes out the bad guys is really fascinating. It is one of the most unusual crime shows on television with its dark and morose take on what is right and what is wrong. One of the most important aspects that make the series as involving as it is, is Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall. His charismatic, sinister and ultimately relatable Dex is fueled by a very sharp and honest portrayal. He really is one of the finest actors working in television. So really, it was a pleasure to return to season one, and experience getting to know Dexter once again. But this time, this crime fighting serial killer is given a little inspiration in Blu-ray. The Showtime series has never looked better than it does here. Considering Showtime films all of their series in Hi Def, it is no surprise that all the bloody goodness that revolved around the Ice Truck Killer looks amazing here.

I was also happy to see how easy it was to revisit the series. I knew the outcome, I knew exactly where each step would lead. But the truth is, aside from the terrific Mr. Hall, this is one hell of a well written show. There is humor, scares and an unsettling creepiness that fills the streets of Miami when Dex searches out his next monster. I also enjoyed seeing how each of the characters started off. With Rita (Julie Benz), it was interesting to see her begin as such a frail and weak individual. I really found her growth from season one to the following years to be pretty amazing. In fact, it was great to see where all of Dexter’s peers began. From his foul-mouthed “sister” Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) to the one man who seemed to sense something off about our knife wielding hero, Doakes (Erik King), it was a fun trip back to the beginning to see what transpired up until now. And it all looked much better than the first time around.

As for the story arc about the serial killer obsessed with Dex, it was surprising to me that it is as fun to watch on repeated viewings. I guess it could just be a case of knowing then what you did now, but finding the clues along the way when you know the consequences is great fun when it is a show as good as this. While I could go more into the plot, it might be a waste of time since many have already caught on. And if you haven’t watched the series yet, I’m sure you’ve heard all about season one and possibly two and three. It is quite impressive that they’ve been able to continually make this show as smart as it is. Again, credit needs to go to the writers and the very talented cast. Watching Michael C. Hall as Dex and then going back and seeing his work on “Six Feet Under” really confirms my earlier statement on his skills as an actor. They really don’t get much better than him.

So the question is, if you already own Dexter on DVD, is it worth stepping up and getting the Blu-ray? Well, I think yes. There are very few shows on television that are worth going back to, but this is one that I found is absolutely good enough to do just that. And with the improved picture and the improved sound, I plan to continue getting the series on Blu-ray… well, that is until the next step up on the technology ladder. But if you are a fan of the show, and you are a proud owner of a Blu-ray, I definitely recommend trading in the old copy for the new and improved. Although the extras are another story…
Video / Audio
Video: Dexter looks better than ever on Blu-ray in 1080p High Definition. In fact, this is truly a worthwhile by just because it looks so terrific.

Audio: Another plus is the Dolby TrueHD, the music and everything else attached to this groundbreaking series sounds better than ever.
The Extras
As for the extras, this is where the disc falls a bit short. The two Commentaries include “Return to Sender” with Jennifer Carpenter, David Sayas, Lauren Velez and Erik King. While I had a bit of fun with the actors, they definitely are not used to doing audio commentary. They seem to be having more fun hanging out then really expanding on the series.

The next commentary is for the season finale, “Born Free”. It includes producers Sara Colleton, Clyde Phillips and Daniel Cerone who also wrote this particular episode. This is a much more interesting listen as the trio expand on the creation of the series. They discuss the books by Jeff Lindsey and how the series evolved from that. I enjoyed this more than the previous one.

The rest of the special features are available on BD LIVE which may be a pain in the arse if you are new to Blu-ray, or are more of a casual viewer and not a collector. The first is Witnessed in Blood - A True Murder Investigation which was available on the regular DVD. It feels a bit like something you’d see on Court TV. We also find a fun little feature called The Academy of Blood - A Killer Course and also, a Michael C. Hall podcast. I like Mr. Hall quite a bit, he is an amazing actor and it is fun to hear his thoughts on this fantastic character.

Finally, you will also find the first episode of Dexter, Season 3, plus the first two episodes on the new series United States of Tara. I’m not really digging the show even though I really find Toni Collette a terrific actress. Although it wasn’t bad, I am just not finding myself curious enough to continue watching.
Last Call
I was happy to return to Dexter’s introduction. The relationship with his foster father Harry, and a return to the Ice Truck Killer. This is a wonderful show that is lead by a charismatic and incredibly talented Michael C. Hall. The first season looks fantastic on Blu-ray and is a welcome addition to any collection. But for Season 2, I hope they are wise enough to supply a few more special features than what is offered here. It seems like a waste to not utilize this technology a little more. Still, if you’re a fan or if you’ve never seen an episode, I highly recommend this 3 disc set.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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