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Reviewed by: Dave Murray

Directed by: Jack Arnold

Christina Hart
Jane Anthony
Jill Damas
Drina Pavlovic

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What's it about
Bunny, the promiscuous daughter of an American diplomat, having slept her way almost to the White House, travels with her father to London after she uses sex to get him a coveted ambassador post. At a stuffy all girls school, she and her three new mates make a pact to see who can shag a guy the fastest. And their targets just happen to be some of the most powerful men in London that night. Hmm, let me see. Sex crazy hot chick, check. Schoolgirl sex pact, check? Cheeky 60's sex romp, check! Sounds like a classic to me!
Is it good movie?
This is the kind of swinging late 60's, early 70's sexcapade that Austin Powers was making fun of, so what's not to like! The story is a little corny and hacked together last minute as a poor framework for showing what is essentially an onslaught of sans-silicone breasts, and it serves merely to set up the many sexual hijinks that play out here. But despite the full frontal female nudity, and gratuitous exploitation feel of the whole thing, it does come off as pretty tame. With no actual sex scenes to speak of, but a whole lot of "could be porn" set ups, this somewhat fun and seriously campy flick from director Jack Arnold (Creature From the Black Lagoon) falls kind of flat, and wouldn't bear repeated viewings. The only real thing this flick has going for it, aside from the nudity which is always an A+, are the corny but excited perfarmances by the young female leads.

Front and center is the character of Bunny, played with young and insatiable sexkitten zeal by Christina Hart (Helter Skelter). With gorgeous looks, a vapid personality and a body just made for slow motion full frontal running and leaping (now that's how you shoot an opening sequence!), she's the lynchpin of this sexual farce. And does she ever attack her role with relish, screwing her way through more men than Debbie on a tour through all of Texas! Most of the comedy is provided by her exploits, and how they effect her father's career and the political dealings of the men around her. But that's not to say that the other girls don't "put out", as it were, in the sex comedy department. One girl, I think it might be Drina Pavlovic, while trying to seduce the champion Chinese ping pong player, gets cornered and molested in the shower room by the entire Chinese team! Horrific nightmare or comic gold, that's for you to decide. But the situation that these girls get into are just slightly hilarious enough to keep your interest in the movie. As is Bunny's romp, having sex with the guys being seduced by her friends before they have a chance to get the guys themselves. She certainly gets around, and when her father gets transfered to the Middle East, it's quite clear that she probably ended up on the "not to much fun" side of a firing squad.

Aside from the mild jokes, the rampant nudity and the cheekiness of it all, there really is not that much more to talk about. The movie has that hastily put together late 60's look and feel, and neither the naked girls or the zany misadventures can make up for a lack of original storytelling or character depth. But really, those are small gripes, because if you are going to watch this movie you know what you are getting into. You didn't come to this restaurant for fine cuisine. You came to look at the trashy menu and have a chuckle or two. While these movies aren't really my thing, there was just enough to keep me interested enough to keep watching. And while not as good as other sex romps of the same period (most specifically the European ones), Games Girls Play (originally called The Bunny Caper) was somewhat fun, a little entertaining, and it delivered what it promised: naked chicks and an okay way to kill a few hundred brain cells. But seeing as how there were probably 100+ 60's and 70's porn flicks that followed the same story line and delivered many mounds more on the goods, this one does seem like a lame duckling.
Video / Audio
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen - 1.78:1. It's grainy and very dated, but it's a nice transfer.

Audio: English (Dolby Digital 2.0) with Closed Captioning. Digital Mono, mmmmmm.
The Extras
Naughty Games: An Interview with Christina Hart - It's always nice to catch up with the star who spent the majority of the movie showing all of her goods to the camera. She's got some funny stories about the making of this mostly forgettable movie.

There is also the Trailer and some heavilly edited TV Spots. Imagine a spot for this movie running during some of your favourite shows back in '74.
Last Call
While my brain is still reeling from the slow motion running and skirts being blown up by the wind, this corny and silly sex comedy, while delivering in the nudity department, is a story we've seen countless times and with greater talent. It did, however, make me search out other movies these cute, and most often naked, girls have been in. Fans of this type of movie won't be disappointed, but I felt that the whole thing, while cute and mildly entertaining, was severely lacking in most respects other than the nudity. Hell, even that could have been amped up. It's easy to see why this kind of movie has been spoofed so many times in the years since. I did appreciate the more natural bodies and the lack of plastic girls, something that the movies of this period (especially the more explicit ones) have that makes them greater than their modern counterparts. But ultimately, this is not worth a second viewing.

Well, maybe the opening sequence requires repeated viewings. Why? Because slow motion running boobs are almost as awesome as... well... Sorry, I can't come up with anything there.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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