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Reviewed by: Andre Manseau

Directed by: Dominique Othenin-Girard

Donald Pleasence
Danielle Harris
Ellie Cornell

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What's it about
Michael Myers is back, and he's once again after his niece Jamie. That's really about it.
Is it good movie?
Remember how Halloween 4 was actually a surprisingly good entry in the series? Well, wrap it up nicely in a bow, carefully draw your name on it and give it to a friend because although that reference makes no sense, Halloween 5 is a gift that should be given to no one, except maybe someone you hate.

As I sat down to watch it last night, I was thinking to myself- "I know this sucks, but can it really be that bad?" After the last one, this one has much of the same cast, and features more of the Shape stalking people, is it truly awful?

The answer is, without question, yes. This movie sucks. First of all, it takes everything that the last one set out to accomplish and sprays melty diarrhea over it. Newcomer Domenic Othenin-Girard steps up to the plate to direct this flick, and good lord, was ever the wrong choice. The movie plays like a dull drama that just never picks up the pace until it gets too late.

First of all,the ending of Halloween 4 (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT) featured Jamie ready to take up the helm as a murderous child, following in the steps of her zany uncle. Who could forget that shot of her in her clown uniform and mask, holding those scissors (end spoilers)? Well, I guess Othenin-Girard could, because he decides to completely ignore it. Instead, he decides to turn Jamie into a basket case who literally can no longer speak. It's not some mental block where she's just refusing to speak, she seems to have completely lost her voice now for some reason.

Micheal's resurrection is also beyond weak. They blow the crap out of him in the last flick, shooting him dead, but this flick has him falling into a river and landing downstream next to a hobo's shack, where he falls into a coma or something (for a YEAR) until he recovers. So, he lands at the shack, immediately puts his hands around the hobo's neck to kill him, then collapses. Why the hobo then tries to take care of him, I'll never know. Of course, a year later (we're told, anyway), he just wakes up and immediately kills the guy who took care of him. Stupid. On top of that, the new Myers mask looks awful. How could these redesigns go so wrong? The masks in the first and second films are so awesome. The people in Haddonfield were all over Myers in the last one..this time, they just let his body float away and dont' try to find it?

Anyway, there isn't a lot else to say about this flick. Jamie now seems to have some sort of psychic link with Myers, but the movie is so bogged down with awful, awful humor (the horrible, unfunny cop stuff had me cringing, complete with stupid theme music that plays whenever they're on screen), and sex-starved stupid teenagers who ignore every lick of common sense before they get killed. Tina made me want to lower myself slowly but surely onto a pitchfork, and don't get me started on her stupid car-loving boyfriend. Hell, even Ellie Cornell's Rachel character from Part 4 has become a stereotypical, lame-ass blonde. Poor Jamie is trying so hard to warn everyone, but the editing and directing in general is so poor that people totally ignore her.

Even Dr. Loomis is weak in this one, as the great Donald Pleasance sleepwalks through his iconic role with no passion. It makes sense, as he comes off cock, aloof and ridiculous at times- all he seems to do is monologue. He's treated like a crazy old man, which hurts the character. This is also the film that starts to explore the whole "druid/man in black" thing that never gets appropriately fleshed out.

Anyway, most of the kills tend to be dull too (although to be fair, most stuff that takes place in the Myers house is pretty well done), and the barn scene is so poorly conceived and shot that it's pretty much funny. The only real upside is the last 10 minutes or so, as the movie does manage to get enough pace to have a somewhat exciting ending. It isn't enough. Yes, it's nice to see Loomis, Lloyd and the shape, but it isn't enough. Blech.
Video / Audio
Halloween 5 is presented in 1.85:1 widescreen and looks actually pretty sharp, better than part 4, in fact. This one is certainly better looking than the DVD version, with nice, bright colors and a good level of detail. Nothing to blow your mind, but still, nice to look at.

Audio comes in Dolby TrueHD and is actually excellently represented. Effects are mixed well, and the surround speakers get a good workout. This movie has some awful dialogue replacement and voiceovers, but that isn't the fault of the sound mix.
The Extras

A lot of repeats from the DVD version..

First up, an Audio Commentary with Danielle Harris (Jamie),Jeffrey Landham (Billy, the annoying stuttering kid) and director Dominique Othenin-Girard. They tend to be a little low-key, but as usual, there are plenty of tidbits here to keep you interested.

Halloween 5: On set is the same VHS quality EPK that's been kicking around for years, created in the 80s when this one was being filmed. It's retro, features interviews with Wendy Kaplan and Beau Starr and a fair amount of good making-of footage.

Halloween 5: Original promo is more old footage, running about 6 minutes as it explains the plot and characters.

There's also a trailer presented in SD.

The only new bit is a commentary with Don Shanks and Justin Beahm of Halloweenmovies.com, which is cool. A full interview with an iconic Michael Myers actor is a neat addition and there's a lot of great questions being asked, with plenty of great and insightfully honest answers being provided by Shanks.
Last Call
Yeah, the movie is crap, but if you are a Halloween (or HD horror) completist, then sign up for this one. It looks pretty good and sounds great. With that said, if you own the DVD already, I wouldn't rush out for this one. Besides Halloween III (which is a better film, just not a Halloween film), this one is easily my least favorite Halloween sequel.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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