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Reviewed by: Ammon Gilbert

Directed by: Sean Weathers

Jeff Roches
Carlito Rivera
Michelle Soto

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What's it about
Done in the style of the Italian Giallo style of horror film from the 1960s, the flick follows five women through five different sequences, strung together in an in-congruent timeline, as they're stalked and slaughtered one by one.
Is it good movie?
The Italian Giallo style of film from the 1960s is about as close to the birth of the modern day slasher flick as we know them today. Full of exploitation, an unknown killer stalks and slaughters women, while featuring as much nudity and violence as possible. Sure, John Carpenter refined it in HALLOWEEN, but some would say that while HALLOWEEN may be a slasher, but it isnít Giallo. And I guess theyíd be right, especially since, according to LUST FOR VENGEANCE, the film LUST FOR VENGEANCE is the first real Giallo film made in the United States. Ever.

If that strikes you as an odd statement, youíre not alone. The only thing LUST FOR VENGEANCE can claim is that it features a number of softcore porn scenes while pretending to string them together with a killer out for revenge plot and presenting them in an out-of-time sequence as a means to hide the confusion inherent in the script and the story thatís supposedly stringing the film along. Yeah, I guess there's a story there about a masked killer stalking this group of unlikable chicks--but since the flick dwells on their lame conversations and shady personal lives, most the time the killer on the lose is forgotten about until he pops up out of nowhere to do his killing.

Originally released in 2001, the flick looks and feels like a student film from the 90s, using a camcorder that hasnít mastered the art of recording smooth action, and the discovery of colored filters to make everything red, blue, or green. If watching a flick that looks like a junior high school made with his parents camcorder sounds like fun to you, then youíre in for a real treat with LUST FOR VENGEANCE, cause thatís exactly what it looks and feels like!

Save for one thing: all that softcore porn (i.e., theyíre obviously really f*cking each other, but we donít see any penetration). Plenty of nudity, plenty of sex, and even an out-of-nowhere Lesbo sequence. Normally this would be seen as a plus and totally awesome, but in LUST FOR VENGEANCEís case, it manages to make things a little bit worse. The nudity is unflattering across the board, with chicks who arenít all that hot flaunting their nudie selves and showing off their normal, average, and totally not-hot naked bodies. Maybe if they used real-life porn stars here this wouldnít be bad, or even hired a cast of strippers, but everyday people/actors? The result is lots of sex and nudity thatís just not fun to watch.

I will give it props for using the list-for-revenge style of crossing names off that Quentin Tarantino used in KILL BILL after LUST FOR VENGEANCE was initially released, and I actually kind of dug the crappy 90s synthesized musical score in a cheap horror lovers kind of way. But otherwise, LUST FOR VENGEANCE is nothing more than a poorly written, poorly acted, and poorly made student film with softcore sex as its anchor to try and make its audience forget what a boring piece of garbage it is.

Video / Audio
Video: Presented in 1.85:1 and enhanced for your widescreen TV. However, it looks like it was taped on cassette from a laptop camera phone with a crappy connection. Choppy, blurry, and overall hard to watch for an hour and a half.

Audio: 2.0 Mono in true late-90s / video tape fashion. You'd think for a re-released "Explicit Version" they'd pimp out the sound a little bit.

The Extras
Featurette: Titled "Lust for Vengeance Revisited", interviewing director Sean Weathers as he visits the different filming locations and discusses the making of LUST FOR VENGEANCE. The interviewee and camera work are about as amateur as the film itself. But if you're dying to know what went on and why they made this flick, this is the featurette for you!

Outtake: A scene where the actors were really drinking booze is displayed. Watch as the actors get even more wasted with every take! Kinda funny, but only cause they felt the need to use real booze and not fake it like every other movie out there.

Trivia: Lots of Power Point style text is thrown at the screen with cheap music in the background, giving all the background information you never needed to know about LUST FOR VENGEANCE and then some. If you like reading your TV in full-fledged paragraphs then you'll be right at home with this one.

Full Circle Movie Talk Podcast Part 1 of 2: Listen in to a podcast hosted by Sean Weathers and Aswad Issa. But only half the podcast is featured here--you gotta find the second half on iTunes! Ugh...

Trailers and Clips: Trailers of a number of other cheap softcore-like horror flicks (featuring more unflattering nudity) from Sean Weathers, including Hookers in Revolt and Tortured by Regret. Plus a hidden deleted scene from Ace is a Dead Man! Yeah....

Last Call
LUST FOR VENGEANCE is nothing more than an experimental student film featuring a number of softcore sex sequences under the guise of it being the first true American Giallo film. But really itís an ill-made film filled with unflattering nudity. The DVD is packed with plenty of extras to try and convince you that writer/director Sean Weathers is a talented filmmaker, but unless youíve been hit by a bus lately, nobody in their right mind would fall for it. Miss the movie and skip picking up the DVD altogetheróthere are better Giallo flicks and softcore pornos out there to make this truly a waste of time.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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