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Reviewed by: JimmyO

Directed by: Jon Schnepp

Tommy Blocha
Brendon Small
Mark Hamill

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What's it about
Dethklok is the biggest band in the world. They have billions of dollars are continually conquer new arenas aside from making a bad movie. Their music is brutal, bleak and black… it is Metal… everything they stand for… Metal. And in regards to their fans… they hate them. And this 2-Disc set tells the story of the Metalocalypse. Because Dethklok is the most brutal band in the world.
Is it good movie?
Who would have guessed that some insanely good death metal would come from not only a television show, but a cartoon? Okay, for starters, it is part of Adult Swim which is known for some very original and very funny animated shows. And of course, it’s all about Metal… bleak, black and brutal and it’s called Metalocalypse and it is by far one of the most entertaining shows I’ve witnessed in the past few years. It revolves around the fictional band Dethklok who have become one of the most powerful musical acts in the world. So powerful, that there are men who want them destroyed because they don’t like the control they have over society. In one episode, the boys are about to perform one song for a massive, sold-out crowd. And the song is nothing more than a Duncan Hills coffee jingle. Not only are these record number concert goers traveling for miles, they are only going to hear a one maybe one and a half minute song. And many will die when the giant coffee pots pour down on them burning the flesh from off their bones killing many music lovers.

Dethklok includes Nathan Explosion is the lead vocalist, Toki Wartooth is the rhythm guitarist, Skwisgaar Skwigelf is the lead guitarist, Pickles is the drummer and William Murderface is the bassist. Yet much like This is Spinal Tap, all the music is performed by series creator Brendon Small and Strapping Young Lad (among others) drummer, Gene Hoglan. It is an animated band and their music and careers are treated as the real thing (well, in an animated world). Aside from some really great music, the band members are all very funny and unique. The series explores many things including a metal band playing with a symphony orchestra (sound familiar), their kick ass manager trying to protect them from spending all their money and occasionally saving their lives, dealing with fans on “fanday” and of course the dreaded side projects that come up and threaten Dethklok. Much happens in the brief running time of about twelve minutes per episode.

Brendon Small and co-creator Tommy Blacha have really made a show that not only metalheads, but others who appreciate dark humor and satirical views of the world will spill their guts for. The band all seem somewhat innocent, rarely are the many deaths of those surrounding them done out of spite. Usually, the bandmates are clueless to the destruction they cause. And Nathan Explosion (voiced by Small) is a brilliant character that brings menace to even the simplest lines of dialogue. This is a bloody, violent and sick world and as I mentioned, Dethklok likes their world to be BRUTAL. This quest for making everything metal makes for some head banging fun. And aside from the regulars, a couple of familiar voices add even more coolness to the destruction and death. This includes Mark Hamill and even James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica. And much like Spinal Tap or Tenacious D, I’m sure the music will lift this even further into the hearts of Metalheads for years to come. “Release the Kitties!” and prepare to “Go Forth and DIE”! Come on… killer kitty cats, psychotic family members and an annoying rock and roll clown make this tune very…. METAL! Rock on.
Video / Audio
Video: This is a rockin’ 1.33:1 transfer and it looks… METAL! No dildos here.

Audio: Also pretty rockin’ is the Dolby Digital 2.0 sound that revs up the music which is damn good. Although I think they could have done better than DD 2.0... Now that’s dildos.
The Extras
Okay. This feels nothing like your typical special features on a DVD. All of the extras are hidden but are fairly easy to find. The good news is, they are for the most part, really worth checking out. You can see longer versions of Murderface playing his bass with his dethkock or even him playing the videogame “Wheelchair Bound”. For Skwisgaar, we get to see him doing simulated sex with some chick for a video shoot. He also offers up a chance to learn to play the guitar like him. It’s an infomercial you can’t miss.

There are several other fun little features including “interviews” where they discuss insects, Pickles need for “alone time” and of course, how much they hate their fans. But my absolute favorite is twenty minutes of Nathan Explosion reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet. His rendering of the Bard is hilarious as he attempts to read a bunch of thou’s and thine’s. Have fun looking for all the easter eggs. They make for some great extras… but a couple of commentaries would have been amazing.

The 20 episode set includes the following episodes. Disc 1: “The Curse of Dethklok”, “Dethwater”, “Birthdayface”, “Dethtroll”, “Murdering Outside the Box”, “Dethkomedy”, “Dethfam”, “Performance Blok”, “Snakes n’ Barrels” and “Mordland”. Disc 2 offers up “Fatklok”, “Skwishklok”, “Go Forth and Die”, “Bluesklok”, “Dethkids”, “Religionklok”, “Dethclown”, “Girlfriendklok”, “Dethstars” and “It Has Begun”.
Last Call
Thank you Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha… and you Cartoon Network for Adult Swim. Metalocalypse is smart, dark, hilarious and has some kick ass music on top of it. It’s Spinal Tap for the Death Metal crowd. But you don’t have to appreciate the black arts of Metal to enjoy this. The writing is terrific and offers up some truly inspired moments. It offers up a inspired look at the faux metal band Dethklok and makes them one of the most entertaining characters on television. It’s strange how some of the most intelligent comedy on TV as of late is animated. But this is more than just TV, it’s great music and a chance to see James Hetfield and Mark Hamill on the same show. This is a must have for anyone who likes smart animation that pushes the boundaries of good taste. Bloody, corrupt and basically a hell of a fun time. And staying true to the series, I feel I must use the description one more time… It’s METAL! (I’ve never used that word this much in my life)
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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