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Reviewed by: Andre Manseau

Directed by: Guillermo Del Toro & Jean de Segonzac & J.T. Petty

Mira Sorvino
Giancarlo Giannini
Josh Brolin
Jeremy Northam
Alexander Goodwin

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What's it about
Lionsgate brings us all 3 Mimic films in all their glory in Hi-Def!
Is it good movie?
I'll try to keep this short and sweet in the name of brevity, so here we go.

Mimic (3/4 mugs)
Mimic stars Mira Sorvino as Dr. Susan Tyler, a woman who helped come up with a way to stop NYC's nasty roach problem by designing a super-bug to wipe them out, known as the Judas Breed. Unfortunately for her, this breed has sort of gained sentience after a few years and weird things start happening.

Susan is trying to settle down and marry her scientist pal Jeremy Northman, but murders start taking place in the subway system downtown which begin to wipe out the homeless population (and some annoying kids who bring Susan bugs for her collection). On top of that, what looks to be a tall scary dude in a trench coat is everywhere she doesn't want him to be. Add in a subplot about an autistic boy who sees the "man with funny feet", and you've got yourself an early Guillermo Del Toro movie.

There are no bones made about the fact that the Weinsteins messed with this movie pretty badly, and we're lucky enough to be treated to Del Toro's cut instead of the studio one. What's surprising about this flick is that it still holds up pretty well and is anchored by a pretty good performance from Mira Sorvino (although I'm partial, I've always liked her).

Mimic is a well paced and slow building movie that really builds on an impending sense of impending danger and trouble. It helps that the last part of the film features the always awesome Charles S. Dutton, and the subway scenes are quite memorable as a result. If you look closely, you'll even spot a young Josh Brolin and even F. Murray Abraham spices things up for us.

I was really surprised by Mimic- I was really able to get into it, after initially dismissing it when I saw it years ago. It's not perfect- it moves slow and seems to run about 20 minutes longer than it should. With that said, the CGI doesn't look great, but there's some awesome animatronic stuff here. This is far and away the strongest film of the set, and if you are a fan you won't be disappointed.

Mimic 2 (2/4 mugs)
Remi (Alix Koromazay) takes a job as an elementary teacher after having made it through the last outbreak (she was Dr. Tyler's assistant in the first film), but those darn Judas Bugs just won't quit trying to look like humans, and threaten the lives of people within the school.

There isn't much new material here in this flick and the quality of the films takes a steep drop after the first one's bigger budgeted effort. They look and feel like cheap TV movies, and pretty much are exactly that.  This is really just another giant bug movie, although the creatures look pretty good and haven't gotten way more ridiculous than the last one.

Remi's under the gun from Detective Klaski (Bruno Campos), who suspects she's a killer based on her stupid "man wall of shame" where she makes stupid faces after bad dates and posts a polaroid. Anyway, this isn't all, as the giant bug wants to get her pregnant with bug babies, and kills all of her stupid boyfriends.

I don't have much else I can say about this flick. It's pretty watchable, to be honest, although it's really tame. It breezes by at only 79 minutes in length and doesn't stop to explain things much, so I hope you don't mind a load of dumb with your tepid horror sequels. This isn't great.

Mimic: Sentinel (1.5/4 mugs)

This one deals with a bubble boy (or man)! Yeah, Marvin (Karl Geary)  is a shut in who's allergic to everything and stuck in a small area of his apartment. He naturally watches things with his old camera and has few people in his life. He's got his sister (Alexis Dziena) and a hot neighbor named Carmen (Rebecca Mader). Of course, going all Rear Window style, he believes his neighbor (affectionately dubbed "The Garbage Man [and played by Lance Henriksen!]" is killing people.

How's this related to the Judas Breed? Well, it gets stretched. Marvin is afflicted with the virus the breed was created to destroy in the first flick, and of course the intended suspect isn't killing people; the breed is doing the deed.

This one is probably the worst of the three flicks, and just doesn't work hardly at all. We've seen the plot before, but done in far better ways. Marvin is not a likable character and that just about kills it from the outset. The dude is a bit of a creep and the thought that he could ever get a girl like Carmen is laughable. Marvin has literally been peeping on her while she's in her apartment. The whole thing gave off a weird vibe.

As for the bugs, they do have some cool moments, but it isn't enough to make the flick worth watching. Also, it's super weird that they ape the whole "trapped" aspect of Rear Window, but yet the camera never lingers where Marvin is, so we never get to feel his pain. The whole thing builds to a point where we expect the bugs to be taking over, but ends super quickly, and in a rather unsatisfying manner. If you're into lame twists, this'll be up your alley.
Video / Audio
All three films are presented in 1:85:1 widescreen and range from pretty good to darn good. Nothing to really blow your mind here, but solid image quality throughout. The first film holds up best in terms of visual quality.

Audio tracks come in DTS-HD Master Audio, and again, the first film gets the best treatment, with a great audio presentation that booms. The other two flicks are just serviceable.
The Extras
Mimic Features:
Video Prologue with Guillermo del Toro
Audio commentary track with Guillermo del Toro: Super informative, with a ton of info about how the studio screwed with his vision. The guy is honest, insightful and interesting.
Reclaiming Mimic: More visual proof of how this release was restored to Del Toro's vision, runs about 15 minutes long.
 A Leap in Evolution: The Creatures of Mimic deals with the effects and bug design of the Judas Breed, which although being dated, still pack a gross punch (crunch?).
 Back into the Tunnels: Shooting Mimic: Is all about the troubles and challenges of shooting the film.
 A few Deleted Scenes exist, but nothing really worth watching besides an alternate ending.
A few Storyboard Animatics, a lame Gag Reel and the Original Theatrical Trailer are also included.
Mimic 2 Features;
5 Days of Mimic 2: Straight up standard EPK stuff here, glad handing, complimenting and glossing over production.
Behind the Sounds of Mimic 2: This lasts about 5 minutes and talks about mixing stuff at Skywalker Sound.
Another 5 minutes or so of lame Deleted Scenes round this one out.
Mimic Sentinel Features:
 First up is an Audio Commentary with director J.T. Perry, who makes the movie worth watching by adding his track. He's funny, honest, and full of jabs for his own flick.
Another 15 minute Behind the Scenes featurette appears- for more information, read my description of 5 days of Mimic 2.
 Cast Auditions show you..well, early audition tapes!
Last Call
I can't recommend this set based on the addition of two other flicks. The original Mimic stands alone if you want to buy it without these, and that's where I'd lay my cash down. Buy this one only if you're a completist or really love straight-to-video cash grab sequels.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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