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Reviewed by: JimmyO

Directed by: Richard Griffin

Sarah Nicklin
Rich Tretheway
Michael Reed

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What's it about
Sister Kelly Wrath is ready to fight crime. With the help of a rebel group of nuns, she goes on a murderous spree, wiping out a bunch of no-good gangsters. Forget Santa Claus… if you see Sister Wrath, you’d better get down on your hands and knees and pray that you’ve been nice.
Is it good movie?
Holy Blasphemy! What good could possibly come from a ultra low budget, modern day exploitation flick about a group of Holy Roller nuns hell bent on killing mobsters? Well, from where I was sitting, a whole lot. Nun of That follows the story of a young nun with a temper. It seems that Sister Kelly (Sarah Nicklin) is pissing a whole lot of people off by not accepting bad behavior from priests and the like. Lucky for her, she has a group of bad ass nuns that have their eye on her for more than just soup kitchens. Thanks to The Order of the Black Habit, a hard core group of Catholics, Kelly is soon transformed into Sister Wrath. Armed with heavy artillery and a bunch of one-liners, she makes mincemeat out of some really bad men. That is, of course, with the help of Sister Lust (Shanette Wilson), Sister Pride (Alexandra Cipolla) and Sister Gluttony (Ruth Sullivan). And don’t forget, our Lord Jesus Christ (Michael Reed, who also plays the devil).

Okay, you might be thinking that there is no way this can be a good film… well, you’re right, it isn’t necessarily. But it is most certainly a good “bad” film in almost every sense. This is one of those rare modern exploitation films that truly feels like the real thing. The actors are all equally over the top and sometimes ridiculously so, but for the most part, they fit perfectly into this world of machine guns, sex and religion. Of course, if you are offended easily, I’d stay far away from this. Whether it be Viper Goldstein (David Lavallee Jr.) as a Jewish dude with a desire to kill all nuns (sometimes with the help of “Jew-jitsu”) or a singing/dancing Jesus that has a chorus of nuns around him in Heaven, there is something that might offend sensitive types. This is a cheap beyond belief bit of comedy that isn’t afraid to go for it. It features nudity, gore, and a whole lotta violence. It even has that 70’s exploitation feel in spades, just check out the opening credits.

Writer/director Richard Griffin really embraces his influences and he knows exactly the type of film he is making. The biggest compliment that I could really give is the fact that this felt a bunch like an old John Waters movie, but maybe not quite as crude. In fact, I would’ve loved to see it taken just a little bit farther than it was. The nudity was actually kind of tame. But don’t worry, it still has plenty of bite for its buck. And I have to say that watching Sarah Nicklin as Sister Wrath was a wonderful thing. This girl is unbelievably adorable. I bought it when she f*ck’s up a pervert priest, and I also bought it when she was all sensitive and girly. I also had a bunch of fun with Michael Reed as Jesus/Satan. Talk about having a blast playing a role, Mr. Reed really shined, with or without the bright lights of Heaven.

Now keep in mind, this is a sleazy and trashy film, but in a good way. Don’t rent it thinking that you should be in for a laugh a minute treat, it is more like a cringe, laugh, and roll your eyes type of flick. But that is the point, it is in no way meant to be taken seriously, but I sure had a blast. For the love of you know who, enjoy it for what it is… with possibly a few beers and whatever else you’re doing. Amen.
Video / Audio
Video: This was a very cheap little flick, and the transfer isn’t great. But for what it is, it does the trick and looks good enough.

Audio: Same goes for the audio, it ain’t great, but it is good enough.
The Extras
Thank you Camp Motion Pictures for offering up a ton of goodies on this here DVD. We start off with two Audio Commentaries. The first features filmmakers Richard Griffin, Ted Marr, and Ricardo Rebelo and it’s damn entertaining. All three of these guys really go into detail about making the film and it is really a pleasure to listen to. Shit, I wanna make a movie with these guys.

The next one features several of the cast members alongside director Richard Griffin, this includes Sarah Nicklin, Rich Trethaway, Michael Reed, Andre Boudreau, David Lavallee Jr., Brandon Luis Aponte, Nolan Kerr, Alex Aponte and Nathan Quattrini which is also known as “the drunken actor version”. I had fun with this as well, while it starts off a bit slow, it started to grow on me after awhile. And seriously, Sarah Nicklin is so damn delightful… I love this woman. And of course, congratulations to Michael Reed and her as they are most likely married in real life by now, they mention their relationship during the commentary.

With Breaking the Habit: The Making of Nun of That (28:48), I was again entertained more than I usually am for making of features. From hearing Michael Reed talking about his dual role to finding that Sarah Nicklin is freakin’ cute as hell, it was all good fun. Speaking of “cute as hell”, producer Ted Marr offered up some hilarious insight on the making of the film… just kidding about the cute as hell reference Ted. But the dude did crack me up. Like I said, this cast and crew seem like they’d be fantastic to work with. Good stuff boy!

You want to see where it all began, you can check out the original trailer shot for the 48 hour film festival, a mock-trailer for “Nun of That”. While some things changed for the feature, it still features bad one-liners, lesbian sex (something we here at Arrow in the Head respect highly) and a dude wearing Easter bunny ears. I can see why they had to make this movie.

If you enjoy this and want more, you can always check out the Exploitation Trailer Vault that features “Nun of That”, “Female Animal/Teenage Mother Sexploitation Dbl. Feature”, “Creature From The Hillbilly Lagoon”, “Splatter Disco”, “Love Statue”, “Necroville”, “Feeding the Masses”, “Video Violence” and “Cannibal Campout”.
Last Call
I really dug Nun of That. Sure its not a good movie, but it revels in the bad, which makes it fun. Both Sarah Nicklin and Michael Reed are great fun, and the rest of the cast is quite enjoyable as well. And come on, with cameos from the lovely Debbie Rochon and cult hero Lloyd Kaufman, you can’t pray for much more than this when it comes to exploitation cinema.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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